Ninety percent of these early signs of fatty liver are ignored

These ninety percent characteristics of fatty liver early people ignore the early is the key to the treatment of fatty liver, fatty liver disease or wait until it is often associated with other diseases in patients with obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, then the chance of cure is very small! So in the early fatty liver, what is the performance? Early symptoms of anorexia of fatty liver. Loss of appetite is one of the common symptoms of fatty liver, if long time loss of appetite, in addition to suspected gastritis and other diseases, should also take into account the fatty liver may. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension. Mild fatty liver when associated with liver damage, accompanied by nausea, tired of the oil, abdominal distension and other discomfort. Nausea often appears alone. Fatigue and fatigue. Moderate fatty liver can be tired, fatigue performance. Spider moles. It is formed by the skin of the expansion of the terminal branches of arteriolar vascular nevus, like a spider, the spider said, often appear in the face, neck, back, arm, chest and shoulders and other parts. Diameter from the needle to a few centimeters above. Check the center of the mole with the tip of the finger or cotton swab compression, the radiation of the small vascular network can fade, remove the pressure and will appear. It is most common in patients with acute or chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis, but can also be seen in some patients with fatty liver. Vitamin deficiency. Fatty liver due to the accumulation of fat in the diet combined with vitamin deficiencies, it is prone to a variety of vitamin deficiencies. Clinical and visible peripheral neuritis, glossitis, cheilitis, skin ecchymosis, hyperkeratosis etc.. A few people may also have gastrointestinal bleeding, gingival bleeding, epistaxis, etc.. Endocrine disorders. Severe fatty liver crowd can have male breast development, testicular atrophy, erectile dysfunction, female patients with menorrhagia, amenorrhea, weight loss or increased. Jaundice. Jaundice is due to the body’s bilirubin metabolism disorders, resulting in increased bilirubin concentration in the blood, infiltration of tissue, the sclera, mucous membrane and skin dyed yellow. Fatty liver type for hepatocellular jaundice often, this type of jaundice is often accompanied by fatigue, fatigue, loss of appetite and other symptoms. A small number of patients with fatty liver will be mild jaundice, jaundice in the liver is cleared after the removal of fat. Fatty liver, excess nutrients cause long-term excessive intake of animal fat, vegetable oil, protein and carbohydrates, excess nutrients will be converted into stored fat, obesity, hyperlipidemia and fatty liver. Two, malnutrition: obesity is easy to get fatty liver, clinical also often present people are very thin but also suffering from fatty liver. This is due to long-term malnutrition, the lack of certain proteins and vitamins, can also cause nutritional deficiencies of fatty liver. Three, long-term drinking: alcohol is the first killer of liver damage, this is because the alcohol into the human body, mainly catabolism in the liver, the toxicity of alcohol on the liver cells to liver cells to break down fatty acids and metabolic disorders, caused by fat deposition in the liver caused by fatty liver.相关的主题文章: