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Software Looking for the best email solution? Sign up with One Email a day and get an excellent solution to your emails. One Email a day LLC deals with a brand new way of handling emails. One Email a day segregates your emails into two major categories out of which one category deals with emails from people you know well and the other category includes everything else. Nevertheless getting to read, figure out, and organize the "everything else" is an overwhelming task which is dealt with One Day Mail. With email a day, you can select your own new email address and can keep your personal email id private and confidential. For this reason it becomes difficult for the marketers and other people to know your actual address. They only know your email id as address [AT] The main categories of One Email a Day LLC are Send directly, Known contacts, Marketing and Spam. By subscribing to One Email a Day, you can revolutionize the way of getting emails any time you want. You will receive emails in your inbox from the sender only once in a day through One Day Mail. You can also send them directly to your original mailbox in real time. And One Email a day also gives you the opportunity to change back and forth as often as you like. Moreover, One Email a Day also gives you the privilege to categorize any email as unwanted by virtue of its total spam control feature. If you wish, you can also blacklist an entire domain. Now lets take into consideration the billing and payment mode of One Email a day. The customers of One Email a Day have the choice to pay the fees through their credit cards or debit cards that they have already provided during registration or updated at a later date ("Active Credit Card") or via local telephone bill ("LEC Bill"). The Active Credit Card of the clients will be charged Fourteen Dollars and Ninety-Five Cents ($14.95) on a monthly basis as per their given option and upon submitting their application. The Active Credit Card of the customers of One Email a Day will be charged for their ongoing Membership Fees. The fees will come up on their Active Credit Card bill through the identifier "One Email a Day." Wherever they have opted for the LEC Bill billing option, and upon submitting their application, the fees will be added to their local telephone bill every month. The fees will appear on their local telephone bill through the identifier "One Email a Day." However, this should be taken into consideration that One Email a Day and your local telephone carrier are not affiliated. So as soon as you are subscribing to One Day Mail, you agree that all such fees may be automatically applied to your LEC Bill or Active Credit Card, wherever applicable and that you will be having the authority to authorize such billing. So hurry to contact One Email a Day at support [AT] You can also dial the toll free number – 877-567-7303 of One Email A Day, LLC or can directly visit the office of One Email a Day at 96 Linwood Plaza #436, Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024-3701. Contact One Day Mail as soon as possible and carve out an excellent solution for your emails. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: