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Software In the earlier time, digital publications did not exist, but in the present scenario, it is impossible to imagine the world without digital media or editions. Now, we are witnessing a time where one can create an online digital publication himself/herself. To carry out the tedious task, various software and application assist you in the same and you see a whole new and changed look of your publication in a flash. And what else one can ask for, when he/she can create an entire digital media publication with a Free Online Magazine Software!! Isn"t that amazing??? Introducing, the most advanced technique in the online digital publishing industry to create your own magazine in no time. Create your own customized magazine and that too online, with Pageturnpro Magazine Software as this simple and affordable software promises a lot to all the online professionals indulged in the field of digital publishing solutions. This Free Online Magazine tool offers the reader an enhanced online version of the digital publication, so that the reader experience interactivity and rich media features linked with every digital media publication. The application makes your publication looks lively. Furthermore, it gives the publishers an opportunity to make their presence count on the web instantly, by introducing fresh revenue streams and lowering costs at the same time. Pageturnpro, is an advanced Online Magazine Software that converts static as well as print-ready PDF files into digital publications using PDF to Flash software conversion technologies. This high-end can be used to manage a magazine, Newsletter, E-zine, or any other periodical or journal. It is incorporated with powerful algorithms and provides you with user-friendly interface matching to the publication"s look; hence it does not require any prior technical knowledge or experience. In other words, you need not be a tech-savvy to use this tool. Pageturnpro is a professional tool that works flawlessly to give an intuitive and search-optimized look to your digital publication, viz. digital magazines, digital catalogs, etc. To enrich the entire experience for their readers, publishers can bring in links, search, videos and other related publications. So, don"t wait, act now, and create your Free Online Magazine with Pageturnpro. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: