Husband and wife divorced husband and wife 14 years exposed his wife another person (video) denka

14 couples divorce husband wife "someone else" exposure Lin Fang and Cui is a primary school classmate, has a similar experience after the divorce, karma and together, married and living together for 14 years. The two couples because of support for the elderly, family consumption transaction disputes, Lin Fang eventually sued to court for divorce, but her husband was Cuimou opposition, Choi said he and Lin Fang did not register their marriage, because marriage certificate is not the name of Lin fang. So what’s going on? Recently, the Kunshan court hearing the case. Originally, Lin Fang in his hometown of Mudanjiang City Public Security Bureau has a duplicate identity for Lin Li, December 2001 and Lin Li’s identity and current husband Cuimou marriage registration, after Lin Li will household moved to Kunshan to live here with a Cui is 14 years, their children has two adults. Lin Fang believes that their lack of understanding of marriage, emotional foundation is weak, both in person and living habits are not the same, especially bear Choi big man, said Choi hot tempered and often beat their abuse. In recent years, the couple have been living separate lives. They have broken the feelings between husband and wife Lin Fang, Lin Fang during September 2013 to " Lin " identity to the divorce court, the public security organ for cancellation of the registration errors caused by the household registration information, the subject of litigation is not qualified, the court rejected the prosecution. This is not, Lin Fang again to the court, the court heard the case in accordance with the law. During the litigation, both due to the division of property issues, Choi said in 2001 with his wife in the home marriage registration name for Lin Li, so in 2015 March to Cuimou home in Mudanjiang city Xi’an District Court filed a lawsuit requesting revocation of marriage certificate issued by the. Due to the name of its marriage registration, has been nearly 14 years, more than five years of prosecution, and therefore dismissed the prosecution of choi. Later, Cui refused to accept the appeal of the first instance, the Mudanjiang intermediate people’s court ruled: dismissed the appeal and upheld the original ruling. On the relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant is legally valid, Kunshan court held that the Mudanjiang City Intermediate People’s court judgment ruled that the marriage certificate has not been revoked, the marriage between the two sides is valid. As Choi said to Lin Li on the plaintiff identity registration of marriage, intentionally concealing the identity, there are objective facts of the defense of marriage fraud, because of China’s marriage law provisions may apply for revocation of marriage only stress, and both sides of the case for marriage registration is voluntary, expressed as the true meaning, so it does not meet the statutory conditions of revocable marriage the two sides, and lived together for nearly 15 years, no evidence of Cuimou deceived by fraud. According to the public security organ to confirm the plaintiff Lin Fang and Lin Li Department of the same person, the court inadmissible to Choi’s defense of marriage, the relations between the two parties legally valid. After the court of Kunshan, according to the relationship between the two sides of the current marital relationship to confirm the feelings of the couple has been broken, the final judgment of the court and the divorce of Choi Lin and law division of the couple’s property. (text characters pseudonym) extended reading Zhejiang: 35 years of marital divorce wife name was mistaken roar相关的主题文章:

Children escape, hide or copy the work of parents how to do

The children escape, how do parents or conceal plagiarism in learning, the teacher said no homework, homework; homework not done, that is done; copying others’ homework; examination result is not good, not a paper; low score, high score was renamed…… Sometimes the child shows both sides. Parents of both sides of the child’s behavior, both angry and anxious, and then increase the reprimand, discipline efforts, the results of the two sides of some children not only did not change the behavior, but more clever, more advanced. How should we really solve the two acts? First, the analysis of the child’s spiritual needs, material needs and the need to play, try to meet their reasonable part. That is, parents and children to talk, like friends, so that we can hear the child. Parents do not fully agree with the idea of adult children, some of the child’s needs are often unexpected parents. Sometimes, the children are so in love a little leaf, a small string, always want to play them. Therefore, parents should give children time to play, to see the real needs behind the child lies. Second, learn to affirm and encourage children, and enhance children’s self-confidence, not subjective, arbitrary abuse of criticism, reprimand and punishment. When the error when the children do, when children do not test well, parents are unable to obtain light criticism and scold the good effect. At this time, to the child’s poor to see better, seize a little sometimes praise, encouragement. Parents should be specific to encourage, can not obviously did not test well, but said, you are great, it is unrealistic. Parents can tell the child, although you have so many questions, but you have a problem doing very well, or your silk surface is clean, let the children not to their Nothing is right. In this way, children can enhance self-confidence, when did not test well, dare to say to parents. Third, the integrity of the child education. Parents should give their children an example of honesty. For lying children, parents need to tell their children the dangers of lying and give them a chance to correct them. Fourth, moderate and reasonable punishment. Reasonable punishment is necessary, we can create some effective measures, such as reading a honest story, a copy of famous quotes honest, write a diary or discuss the honesty issues the article did not cancel an outing arrangement etc……. These methods can be used to punish the child’s dishonesty, but these punishments are sometimes mild and moderate, and do not hurt the child’s self-esteem and interest in learning. Today’s topic: what do you have for your children? Send your ideas to our WeChat public number Q treasure pioneer background, the opportunity to get a beautiful gift!相关的主题文章:

Premium soared 10 times the land battle triggered Shiyan alternative operation exposure midd-885

Land prices soared 10 times caused land battle: Shiyan "offbeat" exposure price soared 10 times by the land battle for Shiyan road for land "Land Bureau case exposure of illegal path reporter Chen Feng reported in Shiyan Wenzhou businessman Qian Yunfu never dreamed of, the original hope through" investment in roads for land "Hao Trading money not expected to pay huge sums of investment but suffered thousands of acres of land cut hu er" — be they want to have or to control. As with all parts of the country, in the town’s auto city of Shiyan, in the years of "land grab" in the war, the land appreciation of more than 10 times. Local government officials involved in the coordination lamented: the main obstacle to the matter can not deal with the delay, in fact, is a huge interest behind the surge in land prices. "China Times" reporters line survey found that thousands of acres of land battle involving the industrial and Commercial Bank of the legal representative of Jiang Moumou responsibility audit, by the Chengdu audit office at, and was uncovered multiple land illegal operation. Reporter obtained a large number of documents clearly presented the land involved in alternative operations path. The strange thing is that even if the audit department directly exposed illegal cases, has not been corrected. Construction projects for the land Qian Yunfu felt the impact of the economic downturn on him. The China top 500 private enterprises — Shiyan Dongfeng Automobile Co. Ltd. Ying ronghua (hereinafter referred to as "ronghua company") of the head, in 2008 before the financial crisis, his net worth up to more than 6 billion, now down to his business work should be calculated for 100 yuan or 200 yuan hotel. Because of mergers and acquisitions and capital chain rupture and debt ridden, and now he is facing bankruptcy. The local government for many meetings for planning ronghua company position. "Now I can pull out of the danger of bankruptcy, is to take back my land." Qian Yunfu said. In Qian Yunfu’s books, their investment should obtain land at least 500 acres or more, according to the current 1 million 500 thousand per acre price calculation, the total price of more than 700 million yuan. This involves huge benefits of land, and in 2004, Shiyan, Chongqing road construction. In August of that year, the Shiyan Municipal Land Bureau issued a "listing of Chongqing road reconstruction and expansion projects and land on both sides of notice" to the society, the strength of enterprises to attract underwritten roads. Notice that the delisting of Companies in the construction of the relevant sections of the complete, available on the price: 100 thousand per acre to 180 thousand of the price, 1400 acres of commercial and residential land. This is called the construction project for the land approach, in many places have been tried to solve the problem of local government investment in infrastructure construction funds shortage. A company called Shiyan Huize Trading Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Huize company") of the enterprise and ronghua company come together, and eventually won the project. Qian Yunfu told reporters, when the deputy director of the Shiyan rural credit cooperatives, and he was familiar with the hope of their own financial strength, together with the operation of the project of the Li Weilin. According to reports, Li Weilin through the relationship, anchored China chemical (5.640, -0.01, -0.18%) engineering.相关的主题文章:

Ungrateful! Ryan · Kugler or will refuse to film school invitation 霍金hawking

Ungrateful! Ryan · Kugler or will refuse to film school invited Ryan · Kugler refused to film school invited the "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on September 7th (author: Chris Gardner) in June this year, Oscar as the organizers of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that they had invited 683 new members, including Nate Parker · Michael, · B· Jordan, ·, at the American Iraqi TTS; Leah · Ferreira, Paula Regina and Kerry gold · · Fuyong and other non white film, this is also the history of film school invited a new member of the largest number, the goal is to expand the film academy and Oscar’s racial diversity. But now it seems that at least one person has rejected the invitation to the film academy, this man is the black director Ryan Kugler ·. Ryan · Kugler 2015 directed the movie "quiddy" (Creed), while Sylvester · Stallone with the film won the best supporting actor Oscar nomination, but whether the film or film actor, black star Michael · B& middot; Jordan, missed the last Oscar nomination, this in the market also sparked controversy. According to insiders told the "Hollywood reporter", Ryan · Kugler has yet to accept the invitation for the film school, he became a member of the Academy of film is not interested. The source also said, Ryan · Kugler did not want to join the film academy, because he was with Woody Alan, Sean · · pan, for others is not cold to his film works. His works do not need others to judge the merits. Ryan · Kugler’s next film is a marvel action movie "Black Panther" (Black Panther), with Ryan · Kugler really refused to join the film academy, his agent said "No comment". (Translation: Dudu) Tencent news client mobile phone new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章:

The prevalence rate of depression among people over 18 years old was 4.3% in Dalian poper

Dalian’s population above the age of 18 to 4.3% prevalence of depression in the past few days, my circle of friends is 28 years old "good man" Qiao Renliang died of depression message scraper. A lot of friends in the heart at the same time, but also to a consciousness of the problem: the original depression is not simply a bad mood, smile very brilliant "optimist" there may be depression. According to the epidemiological survey in Liaoning Province, the prevalence rate of depression among people over 18 years old in Dalian area was 4.3%, and the prevalence rate of male was 3.4% and female was 5%. Because of work pressure, family marital accident cause and more and more people with depression. The investigation shows that, because of the lack of understanding of depression, or the existence of prejudice against depression, in order to take the correct attitude, more than 90% of the patients have no treatment, 15% of patients ultimately ending Dutch act. "Optimist" may also be the pain inside always smiles Qiao Renliang Dutch act died, many netizens shocked by such a "optimist" how can Dutch act for depression. However, such a person lives and a lot of their knowledge, not low income, working life is very strong, to allow all doubt, as in the mood of depression of the surface covered with a layer of "smile" veil. However, they are the same with the common people, but also confused, distressed, sad, but in order to maintain their own "strongman" "optimist" image, unwilling to talk to someone inside negative emotions, accumulating pain, strong carrying pressure. The Central Hospital of Dalian psychological clinic director Gui Bing told reporters that people suffering from depression should evaluate the Dutch act tendency in clinical practice, if a "optimist" often repeated consideration of death, then you should pay close attention to the serious need hospital treatment. The director of the Dalian City Seventh People’s Hospital of psychological counseling and treatment center Xu Junting introduced before, like a lot of smile type depression patients Dutch act in preparation, will consciously hide their pain and smile, in order to avoid the attention of medical staff, relatives and friends. They will show a sudden improvement in mood, if the people around him, aware of this, do not be careless, missed the opportunity to save the patients with depression. Why can’t people close to the depressed? Although we often "depression" two words in the mouth, but for the understanding of the disease there are many misconceptions. Chen Baoping, director of psychological counseling in the city seven hospital told reporters that the first big misunderstanding is that people close to persuasion can help them to get rid of depression, followed by a random selection can be considered counseling agencies, third is that the symptoms disappeared without treatment. Around the face depressed friends, we often instinctively want earnest persuasion, that in the face of a familiar person they are more likely to talk. However, we do not know, sometimes family members, friends, but the more the more the better the more bad advice. Chen Baoping, director of psychological counseling in the city seven hospital told reporters, we can not do with empathy in patients with depression, our persuasion is actually on the depression is not accepted. Depressed patients with a lot of pressure, in order to maintain their own hope in the eyes of others in the positive image, but will hide the negative emotions. "Want to相关的主题文章:

Huang Xiaolei help charity live with Li Jing create love works – Sohu Entertainment crycry

Help Huang Xiaolei live together with Li Jing love charity works – Entertainment Sohu Huang Xiaolei help charity     Huang Xiaolei micro-blog   Huang Xiaolei micro-blog called on everyone to do public Sohu entertainment news recently, Huang Xiaolei participate in the bazaar charity sponsored public service activities # live life painting line #, called for the community to participate in charitable donations, the scene to draw "flying" the ambulance, the expression of vision. Huang Xiaolei in bazaar charity live, borrowed the daughter of the brush, paint the way to live in the area need an ambulance to raise money, more and more people who need help. Huang Xiaolei live on the day of the program is busy recording, coincides with the day because of the workload is too large and did not eat on time led to acute stomach cramps, the work stopped a short break. The stomach was improved, Huang Xiaolei admits that he now live kinda need an ambulance, considering the traffic congestion, so suddenly thought of "flying ambulance", hope to convey the ambulance away from traffic, regardless of the weather, good wishes to save more people. Huang Xiaolei during the live broadcast, Li Jing and Huang Xiaolei came to visit the complete original ambulance, very love funny, and sign the two name. Huang Xiaolei called, as long as we have the time to have the ability, even if it is only a little bit of charity, are very meaningful thing, I hope you can participate in public welfare activities to help people in need. It is reported that the Huang Xiaolei broadcast is "King" in cross-border comedy recording, long-term high intensity work led to the old habit of recurrence, time to call the work should pay more attention to your body, it is necessary to ambulance public welfare activities.相关的主题文章:

Harbin people touch the car accidentally touch the car actually hit 630 thousand yuan pigeon blood

The people of Harbin luxury car reversing accidentally touch a struck out 630 thousand yuan in September 20th reported hearing today the Bard of the cars on the road have grow with each passing day, a small cut small rub can hardly be avoided. 8, the reporter learned from the Harbin Price Certification Center, the first half of this year, the center has issued 798 pieces of identification conclusion, identification of the total price of 17 million 860 thousand yuan. Nearly half of these cases in the final appraisal price are more than ten thousand yuan, while more than 80% of the parties in the accident there is no commercial insurance. The loss of staff Tian Yu told reporters that some seemingly ordinary vehicles, because the stealth clothing, paint and other expensive, leading to the final price will be damaged beyond many people’s expectations, such as his bike loss record from a British import car brand Karen wallace. "A Mercedes Benz when you accidentally encountered a stop at the side of the step Karen, this touch on the 630 thousand, just for a change of the three pieces, sprayed a paint." Tian Yu said, this super car worth about 3000000, Harbin only this one, not only the local 4S shop, there are no related accessories, center staff and insurance company specially went to Beijing 4S shop for dismantling damage. Harbin Price Certification Center Director Tang reminded, if found the car is damaged, the owner can fill out the entrustment by the public security department, Harbin Price Certification Center free of charge to be scratched, injured by the vehicle insurance service.相关的主题文章:

Huang Jingyu memories of the history of the past has been criticized by the director and staff

Huang Jingyu memories of his bitter history: who was the director and the staff at Huang Jingyu and the players in the new network in the new network on 14 September, the reporter learned that, after the audition, "Hello!" the goddess of 10 has a successful birth, officially entered the castle and began the "49 days of home exercise together", from the "quality test personality, morality, intellect, Yi Yan" by all aspects of the goddess. Today (Wednesday) 20 upcoming shows, the 10 goddesses ushered in a EQ test site open up a fresh outlook, we set the male god Huang Jingyu theories, teaching experience. As a pure Network Health National goddess develop programs, "Hello!" at the start of the 10 goddess goddess of personality, character, talent, EQ, IQ and other aspects of comprehensive assessment from the third period, continuous cultivation of comprehensive qualities of the goddess, to ultimately create a much audience favorite "national goddess". Tonight’s program, the director group opened the drama tyrants mode, in the absence of the goddess completely unaware of the emotional intelligence test for their group. In the program, the director group put forward various requirements — knowing Li Linyu of durian sensitive goddesses, she still requires many on-site drink fresh durian; Wansui recording basketball fragments NG continuously by the director to blame not professional…… The face of the director’s "deliberately", "Wansui scene had been watching the film; Lin also emotional collapse Evan Bayh, crying out. Before becoming an actor, Huang Jingyu has been a model, very dedicated, emotional intelligence quotient is very high. Therefore, as the sisters into the castle to usher in the first class men of God, Huang Jingyu in the country, became the EQ examiner. The scene, he changed his careless boy next door image, a face seriously talked about his fledgling experience. "I really think these directors have a good temper." Huang Jingyu sighed, before modeling, in certain situations, not only by the director, was also called to his face field staff also scolded, "but you can’t fall out with them, otherwise, you don’t take this road, the road is blocked". In the program, Huang Jingyu also praised Li Linyu’s devotion, "I think this is a necessary quality, may I never eat durian, but someone asked, then I want to do, I think this is a kind of respect for everyone’s work attitude." Of course, another team of Chen Haipei, also attracted the attention of Huang Jingyu with its straightforward character. It is reported that, "Hello goddess" will be today (Wednesday) at 20 points in the video broadcast.相关的主题文章: