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UnCategorized To pass the PHR or SPHR exam you must have a minimum of 2 years of human resource experience in which the function of HR is a total of 51 percent of your activities. A candidate must have at least 2 years of professional HR experience to be able to sit of the exam. Also preferred is a candidate whose main role in the organization they are employed by is that of human resource management. The exam is score unlike any other exam. There are 225 questions administered and your end score is based on a scaled score of minimum 500 to maximum 700. Everything for employee motivation, learning and leadership to Samuel Gompers will be covered on the exam. Very few people would know all the knowledge base covered unless they have prior training in human resources. For professional working in human resources, SPHR is one of the highest certifications one can receive. No one really enjoys writing a job description; its tedious, repetitive and unsatisfying work. But its also essential because job descriptions provide the basis for establishing a pay scale, evaluating employee performances and determining appropriate training initiatives. HR professionals typically have broad experience in putting together job descriptions and can provide invaluable assistance to emerging managers. A job description should be in place before a new employee starts work. But if you simply need to update a description, begin by distributing questionnaires. Input from employees is important, although they may overestimate or underestimate their responsibilities. They are also likely to resist this information-gathering process, so try to make the procedure as pleasant as possible. Necessary information includes identifying the responsibilities, knowledge and skills required for the position, and details of the work environment and conditions of employment. Where practical, observe employees in action to gather additional information; however, this approach is ineffective for jobs that require cognitive aptitude. Interviewing is effective, but can be time-consuming and costly by taking employees away from their jobs. You also can ask employees to keep a daily log of their tasks, a method that works best with highly structured, repetitive jobs. HR professionals have long recognized the importance of training programs in fostering employee and organizational development. Training should begin with an assessment of the .panies needs and objectives, and whether conditions are conducive for the development of a program. Executive management must support the programs design and time demands on employees. Emerging managers will require help in formulating a training initiative. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: