Premium soared 10 times the land battle triggered Shiyan alternative operation exposure midd-885

Land prices soared 10 times caused land battle: Shiyan "offbeat" exposure price soared 10 times by the land battle for Shiyan road for land "Land Bureau case exposure of illegal path reporter Chen Feng reported in Shiyan Wenzhou businessman Qian Yunfu never dreamed of, the original hope through" investment in roads for land "Hao Trading money not expected to pay huge sums of investment but suffered thousands of acres of land cut hu er" — be they want to have or to control. As with all parts of the country, in the town’s auto city of Shiyan, in the years of "land grab" in the war, the land appreciation of more than 10 times. Local government officials involved in the coordination lamented: the main obstacle to the matter can not deal with the delay, in fact, is a huge interest behind the surge in land prices. "China Times" reporters line survey found that thousands of acres of land battle involving the industrial and Commercial Bank of the legal representative of Jiang Moumou responsibility audit, by the Chengdu audit office at, and was uncovered multiple land illegal operation. Reporter obtained a large number of documents clearly presented the land involved in alternative operations path. The strange thing is that even if the audit department directly exposed illegal cases, has not been corrected. Construction projects for the land Qian Yunfu felt the impact of the economic downturn on him. The China top 500 private enterprises — Shiyan Dongfeng Automobile Co. Ltd. Ying ronghua (hereinafter referred to as "ronghua company") of the head, in 2008 before the financial crisis, his net worth up to more than 6 billion, now down to his business work should be calculated for 100 yuan or 200 yuan hotel. Because of mergers and acquisitions and capital chain rupture and debt ridden, and now he is facing bankruptcy. The local government for many meetings for planning ronghua company position. "Now I can pull out of the danger of bankruptcy, is to take back my land." Qian Yunfu said. In Qian Yunfu’s books, their investment should obtain land at least 500 acres or more, according to the current 1 million 500 thousand per acre price calculation, the total price of more than 700 million yuan. This involves huge benefits of land, and in 2004, Shiyan, Chongqing road construction. In August of that year, the Shiyan Municipal Land Bureau issued a "listing of Chongqing road reconstruction and expansion projects and land on both sides of notice" to the society, the strength of enterprises to attract underwritten roads. Notice that the delisting of Companies in the construction of the relevant sections of the complete, available on the price: 100 thousand per acre to 180 thousand of the price, 1400 acres of commercial and residential land. This is called the construction project for the land approach, in many places have been tried to solve the problem of local government investment in infrastructure construction funds shortage. A company called Shiyan Huize Trading Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Huize company") of the enterprise and ronghua company come together, and eventually won the project. Qian Yunfu told reporters, when the deputy director of the Shiyan rural credit cooperatives, and he was familiar with the hope of their own financial strength, together with the operation of the project of the Li Weilin. According to reports, Li Weilin through the relationship, anchored China chemical (5.640, -0.01, -0.18%) engineering.相关的主题文章: