Quanzhou people’s portrait was wanted to arrest the city’s anti fraud Center successfully intercepte meyou

The people of Quanzhou head forged warrant, anti fraud Center successfully intercepted Taiwanese network September 27th news yesterday, Quanzhou anti fraud Center reported that the center found fraudsters by making the so-called "wanted", posing as public security officers asked the victim with the case investigation. In this regard, the anti fraud center to remind the public to be vigilant. False arrest warrant in September 23rd, Quanzhou anti fraud centre in the daily work, were found 3 people in Quanzhou suffered telephone fraud posing as public security, and received the ID card number, involving photos and other false information "second Tianjin City People’s Procuratorate criminal arrest order", there may be fraud. Quanzhou anti fraud center police immediately analyze the identity of the victim and the hotel was cheated into the hotel, etc., to find their relatives. Finally, through the efforts of the successful contact with the victims. It was said that 3 of the victims were posing as "public security" received a telephone fraud, and received a false "Tianjin City, Shanghai City People’s Procuratorate arrested second criminal command" (content with my name bank accounts suspected of corruption money laundering case is XXX, Tianjin City, Shanghai city procuratorate arrest second), in a panic some have been in the vicinity of the victim for gospel truth, bank ATM machine, and some have been cheated out of the hotel to open the room to operate transfer, only see light suddenly after receiving the Quanzhou anti fraud centre reminder. In this regard, Quanzhou anti fraud center to remind: 1, the public security organs received claiming to be staff of the phone, don’t be nervous, do not believe the secret and listen to people at the mercy of handling alone, ask your family and friends, can also be verified to the local public security organ or area police. 2, a liar by special software to change the number, can simulate all kinds of phone numbers, these calls must be calm, calm, especially relates to money transfer, should immediately stop, don’t believe. 3, from the Internet, QQ, WeChat received the arrest warrant is the means of fraud, the public security organs will not send an arrest warrant to individuals. 4, public security and other departments do not exist the so-called "security accounts", which requires you to review the funds on their deposits, please don’t believe, to prevent fraud. 5, the phone received with +, the beginning of the 00, or "0190852203, 0196852213" and other numbers are overseas calls, please carefully verify, beware of being cheated. (Haidu reporter Su Tongxuan)相关的主题文章: