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Personal-Finance Many consumers find offers for reward credit cards very difficult to resist. After all, through these unique credit card programs, they can enjoy great merchandises and unique experiences provided by their grateful card issuers. What are some of the most common types of credit card rewards? Well reward credit cardholders can expect to receive any of the following: free flight to their dream destinations, free hotel accommodations, cash-back incentives, gift items, shopping discounts and a whole lot more. Still, despite the great incentives you can earn from using reward credit cards, this does not mean that you have to hastily apply for these credit card programs. Instead you need to take your time in finding the right card that will suit your needs as well as your lifestyle. To help you in this matter, we have listed several queries that you should ask customer service representatives of credit card firms before taking out the reward credit cards they offer. Five Questions You Should Ask Below you will find some queries you should consider before applying for a reward credit card program: 1.How good is the reward? As mentioned above, prospective cardholders can choose from a vast array of credit card rewards. You can select a card program that will allow you to use great products or enjoy unique experiences. So think carefully of the credit card rewards that will certainly suit your lifestyle. Determine the gift or reward you would like to redeem after spending a considerable amount of money on your credit card. Such gift or reward will serve as your motivation to regularly charge your purchases and bills on your reward credit card. 2.How long will it take me to earn the reward I want? Different card programs employ different point or scoring systems. So, make sure that you take out a reward credit card that can guarantee you of earning the reward or gift you want in the soonest possible time. You also need to carefully consider your finances. Remember that your earnings will determine how much time it would take you to finally receive the gift items or credit card rewards you like. 3.When will my reward points expire? You also need to be knowledgeable about the expiration dates of the points you have earned. Remember that you spent money to earn your reward points. And if you let them expire, it is as if you wasted cash on points you will not be able to use. So to avoid this, you must redeem your rewards before your earned points expire. 4.How easy is it to redeem my rewards? Before signing up for a reward credit card program, you have to ask the procedures you have to take for you to redeem your rewards or gift items. Ask for a step-by-step procedure for converting your points and redeeming your rewards. And inquire about affiliated business establishments that can facilitate your point conversion as well as the release of your desired gift items. 5.What are the upfront interest rate, fees and charges? You also need to remember that all credit card programs impose interest rates , fees and even penalties. So you must shop and compare different credit card offers. And make sure that you settle only for the reward credit card program that offers the most affordable interest rate and finance charges. In so doing you need not worry about making large payments on interest and fees as you keep on charging your purchases and bills on your reward credit card. Keep these questions in mind as you shop and compare different reward credit card programs, and for sure you can chose the right card that will certainly work to your advantage. About the Author: Ashley Jane Summers is the assistant head writer of Reward Credit Card Site. This resource provides consumers with valuable reviews and information on the best credit card reward programs. Its main objective is to help people to take advantage of credit card rewards and start earning reward points. ..rewardcreditcardsite../ Copyright 2010 Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: