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Qujing municipal Party committee secretary Li Wenrong announced the construction of a gang reservoir project   – Yunnan Channel – People’s original title: Gang Gang Reservoir Construction Party Secretary announced that the start of the gang reservoir project in. Photo by Lu Honggang yesterday morning, Luoping County Gang Zhen Le Village group of villagers who are properly seal long river valley flags flying, laughter, agang reservoir engineering of Qujing City ceremony held here, storage capacity of 129 million cubic meters of agang large reservoir construction, is expected to put into use in 2020. The morning of October 13th, the province’s water network construction site to promote the meeting, the main venue in Kunming City Chai Shi Tan Reservoir Irrigation District, 5 places in Qujing agang reservoir construction site at the venue. The main venue in Kunming, the province’s "network" construction and watch the feature film, introduced in Kunming City, Qujing city water network construction, deputy governor Zhang Zulin speech and announced the Chaishitan Reservoir irrigation area, agang reservoir 36 "water" project began to focus on the relevant leaders attended the groundbreaking peitu. The venue staff through the video facilities simultaneously watched the main venue in Kunming live. Venue in Qujing cum agang reservoir project groundbreaking ceremony, party secretary Li Wenrong attended and announced the agang reservoir project, the municipal Party committee deputy secretary, mayor Dong Baotong via video remote transmission facilities to the main venue of report of Qujing city "water" building; City Water Affairs Bureau of the person in charge of agang reservoir project; the construction unit made a statement, the supervision unit made a statement, Luoping county leaders made a position statement; the participants watched the "Qujing city water network construction feature film. Dong Bao also said in a report, in recent years, Qujing municipal government has always been the strategic deployment of the implementation of the provincial government "strong Dian Xing water" strategy and "five nets" infrastructure construction, throughout the whole process of economic and social development, to a post, and other major water conservancy and Bi and key water projects as the key point, to the connectivity of rivers and lakes and inter basin water diversion project as the support, grasp planning, grasp early, start grasping, grasping forward, completed investment of 18 billion 400 million yuan in the "12th Five-Year", "13th Five-Year" plans to invest 30 billion yuan in water conservancy construction funds, and strive to build a modern water security network deployment, Sanjiang river library networking, multi-source complementary areas of "each other. The construction project of agang large reservoir began planning since the last century in 70s, preliminary work carried out formally in 2003, 2014 by the State Council as one of the 172 major water conservancy projects, in 2016 was listed as a national new construction of major water conservancy projects, the province is the only large-scale reservoir project started this year. Agang reservoir design a total capacity of 129 million cubic meters, the total investment of 2 billion 255 million yuan, involving Luoping County, Luliang County, kylin District, 18 thousand and 400 acres of land, covered 496 thousand square meters of housing, the relocation of 1297 households of 6873 people. The project includes construction of main dam and auxiliary dam, dam power plant, the total construction period of 48 months. After the completion of agang reservoir, the average amount of 135 million cubic meters of water, will effectively solve the Luo Pingba District 202 thousand) in urban and rural areas相关的主题文章: