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Legal Many people do not consider drafting a Will while they are alive and its possible circumstances may just lead to someone dying before they have a chance to rectify the situation. When this happens, unfortunately friends and family members, although very close to the deceased, may not be the ones who actually benefit from the estate. Any funds to be distributed may end up going to those who were not intended to receive anything at all. If a person dies without a Will, this is called "Intestacy" and in these circumstances the estate will be administered by someone called the Administrator who will need to be appointed according to the strict Rules of Intestacy. To clarify who can administer an estate, always seek professional advice. The processes required of an Administrator in Intestacy cases can be lengthy and this can create problems for loved ones and in particular spouses who may be reliant on the estate of the deceased for in.e. It is only once the Administrator has been appointed by the Grant of Representation that the estate can then be "wound up", a process that can take anything from 6-9 months to .plete and to distribute any funds to beneficiaries. As a result, if a Will has not been made then the work required to distribute funds is far more .plex, time consuming and may ultimately mean that those intended to benefit through an inheritance may not actually receive anything. For this reason, it is always wise to write a Will detailing precisely how assets and funds should be distributed. Always seek advice from a professional who will help write the Will to your particular requirements. Research shows that, the most likely reason for not drafting a Will is because "I haven’t got round to it" or simply because "I haven’t thought about it" Clearly there is a need for the legal profession to better .municate the benefits of having a Will to the general public. Its also worth noting that the cost of a Will is not as expensive as you might think. Will’s can written relatively quickly and this need not be a process that causes undue difficulties or disruption. It is advisable to seek a professional Will writing service. This will ensure that your Will is correctly written and suffers no legal loopholes. It should also be noted that preparing a Will earlier is better as it may take several drafts to produce a satisfactory document. Again, professional Will writers will ensure you are entirely happy with your final Will. On matters such as these, it is much better to make full and .prehensive preparations to save your family a big hassle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: