Russia test fired three intercontinental missiles were successfully launched at the same time (Figur-y580

Russia test fired three intercontinental ballistic missiles were successfully launched almost simultaneously: (Figure) – Sohu military channel map information: the Russian "Topol" missile training car on heavy pontoon. Reference News Network reported on October 14th: foreign media said that Russia successfully launched 3 intercontinental ballistic missiles. The test began almost at the same time, with the Russian sea nuclear system proved reliability. According to the "Russian newspaper" website reported on 13 October, Russia’s strategic rocket forces and air and space force in emission — they make sure the Topol missile from the Plesetsk launch site launch, hit the target range of the Kula in Kamchatka Peninsula. RSM-54 type sea based ballistic missile from the Barents Sea is located in the depths of the Northern Fleet "novomoskovsk submarine launch, also fall into the Kura range. Another one from the "St Georges Ever-victorious general" strategic submarine launched missile fell into the range Chizha Arkhangelsk oblast. Russia’s intercontinental missile test, to assess the readiness of the armed forces for the use of the Trinity strategic nuclear force is essential. The Topol missile tests proved to prolong the service life of the strategic rocket forces nuclear missile combat readiness readiness. According to RIA Novosti reported on 12 October, Russia successfully launched 3 ballistic missiles on the 12. Russian Defense Ministry said the strategic rocket forces and design companies are working together to maximize the potential of the missile mission. To this end, the study is to extend its service life. The Defense Department said that the test again showed that the missile can be completed within the extended life of combat missions. Strategic rocket troops equipped with the main force of the Alamo missile system. The mobile ground launcher has high survivability due to its mobility, concealment and rapid preparation of missile launching. "RSM-54 missile novomoskovsk submarine launched into the range at a given time. The successful test indicates that the Northern Fleet submarine force with high combat readiness, combat command system of Navy’s strategic nuclear force can effectively command. The Pacific Fleet’s "St Georges Ever-victorious general" strategic missile submarines also successfully completed the mission. The Defense Department said the ballistic missile launch from the Okhotsk Sea, in the northern Russian Chizha range. "St Georges Ever-victorious general" commanders and submarine personnel actions qualified professional.相关的主题文章: