Shanxi peak return to such bypass definitely save a lot of time

Shanxi peak return to such bypass definitely save a lot of time today (September 17th) is the Mid Autumn Festival holiday last day, today is expected to 15, the province’s highway will continue to return to the city, returning to main peak traffic, the province highway in the direction of the city 11 city traffic pressure. According to the provincial meteorological station forecast, 17 day: the province cloudy day, the local area of North Central and southern showers or thunderstorms, some areas of Shuozhou, Xinzhou, Lvliang and other places have moderate rain. Shuozhou, Xinzhou, Lvliang and other parts of the highway or due to the impact of the timely implementation of traffic control. At the same time, by the early impact of heavy rainfall, the province’s many roads damaged to varying degrees, especially in Yangquan, Changzhi, Jinzhong and other eastern regions, severely damaged roads impassable, can lead to other traffic road traffic pressure. Shanxi police remind the driving, observe the road conditions, keep a safe distance from the vehicle and the vehicle in front, speeding, retrograde, illegal lane. Pay close attention to public security departments issued the Mid Autumn Festival travel safety tips and traffic information, travel time and route planning in advance, try to avoid peak travel. To avoid blocking the bypass Raiders Taiyuan high-speed beltway segment point: Taiyuan high-speed beltway (15KM 10KM – head to Zhang Zi Jia Yu Yang Road), two high-speed wide 724KM – 729KM (Huangzhai town to Yangqu Road), Taiyuan 27KM+500M 28KM+240M (south high-speed beltway ramp at the east Wu Shu ring). Construction: 1. Song Zhuang, ancient camp, Qingxu toll station due to construction yet open, please bypass. 2.G2001 Taiyuan high-speed south ring section (K31+180-K33+280) of Taiyuan City Ma Lian Ying Road construction projects across the south central line. In order to ensure the safety of road vehicles, the traffic control measures for half of the road closure (K29-K34) are adopted during the construction period. During the construction of the closed, Wu Shu B toll station, vehicular traffic; – by highway south into the large passenger and freight vehicles bypass northwest ring expressway traffic; – from the East Ring Expressway into the south of large passenger and freight vehicles bypass too old speed, speed is too old by the dragon; high speed and small vehicles into the South East Ring Expressway by D E, Wu Shu exit toll station to bypass other high-speed toll road entrance. Green Silver high-speed segment: 932 km Green Silver high-speed (two-way Fenyang toll station exit main line). Bypass line tip: Yinchuan direction Fenyang exit to leave the bypass Road 307, silver green direction around Fen Ping high-speed, high-speed bypass and departure from fenxiao. Jing Kun speed point: Qingxu section and Pingyao section of bypass line tips: 1, in case of congestion in advance detour section of Qingxu long high-speed, high-speed traffic, Yu Qi; 2 case of Pingyao toll station congestion, can bypass the Fen Ping Zhang North high-speed high-speed toll station, take State Road 108 Pingyao, into Pingyao county. In the case of Qiao family courtyard scenic congestion toll stations, can bypass Yu Qi Taigu toll station under high speed.相关的主题文章: