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Networking Computers and Internet are common requirements of every business. As a business owner, you must have adopted computers and other information technology tools to maximize your output or to perform various tasks effectively in a more professional manner. However, one thing that is a vital requirement for everyone using a computer network is timely upgrades in terms of both software and hardware. Computers and Information Technology sector is one of the fastest changing sectors. Everyday there is some advancement in order to make it more user-friendly, secure, or more productive for people. As a smart business owner, adopting the right improvements will give you a competitive advantage. The right upgrade choices can dramatically improve your total ROI. An updated computer network means, A Network equipped with latest hardware and software advancements such as Industry specific software, Office Productivity suites, systems management and network tools, OS Upgrades, Firewalls, Antivirus, and ECT. A skilled and experienced network engineer with a wide knowledge of network technologies and troubleshooting is important for a successful implementation. Implementation of a network is very important, you may have all the latest technology available to setup a perfect network; however improper implementation with misguided strategies can leave your network vulnerable and unstable. To avoid such problems, you need to adopt one of the best Network Operating Systems that can provide you a robust and reliable working environment along with fault tolerance capability. You can rely upon following network operating systems: Unix/Linux Windows Server 2003/2008 family OS Novel Netware Sun Solaris The choice of operating systems depends upon the specific requirements of a business. Linux or UNIX operating systems can provide an excellent level of network security and stability. However, there are many flavors and it can be difficult to choose the right version for your business. A Linux server appliance or Office in a Box can be an excellent choice for smaller networks that want to save by using an integrated server with many services like a firewall and email built right in. For a network where users only know how to operate the computers and their task includes working with computers for fetching information of data entry, you should go for the Windows Operating System, because nothing beats Microsoft in terms of user interface, interactivity and most importantly available business applications. Last but not the least you need firewalls to protect yourself from external threats and a perfect Antivirus system to save you from viruses and worms. To handle all these effectively or troubleshoot network problems you need a network administrator. You can also think of hiring a network consultant if you do not need a full time network administrator. It’s a suitable option for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: