Smokeless Tobacco Is Very

UnCategorized Many people use smokeless tobacco because they think it is better than smoking cigarettes. It is less annoying to other people around them (because it causes less of a smell), and it has no affect on breathing passages or lungs. However, the impact that it has been proven to have on the human mouth can be devastating. Surprising to many, smokeless tobacco contains nicotine additives and toxic chemicals that absorb directly into mouth tissues. From here, these toxins spread throughout the entire body. Among these chemicals include lead, formaldehyde, cadmium, and uranium 23. To get an idea of just how bad such chemicals are for people, consider that specimen jars use formaldehyde for a preservative, car batteries use cadmium, and nuclear weapons contain uranium 235. In total, there are 28 known carcinogens in smokeless tobacco, and possibly more that are yet to be discovered. Consequently, the use of these products exponentially increases the risk of oral cancer. A person is 4-6 times more likely to develop oral cancer if they use smokeless tobacco. If the cancer is not detected and treated early on, there is normally a less than 5-year survival rate. If caught early enough and cured, life-long disfigurement, slurred speech, and pain are .mon consequences. Dentists have found that the use of smokeless tobacco makes a person four to six times more likely to develop oral cancer than a non-user. If not identified and treated early, oral cancer has a very poor five-year survival rate. Even if treated and cured, it can still result in life-long disfigurement, distorted speech, and pain. Smokeless tobacco will have negative effects on the entire body even if it does not cause cancer. Packing a pinch of a chunk of tobacco in one?s mouth all day long will cause the nicotine to pass directly into the blood. The user feels a strong an adrenaline rush from this and get addicted to the ?nicotine buzz.? This always causes a person to want more and more tobacco, which is why users are willing to still keep paying for ever increasing prices that the government and retail industry impose on the product. Smokeless tobacco will also result in tooth abrasion and gum recession. Teeth be.e more sensitive to heat, cold and sweets. Periodontal disease is more likely to develop because of this, and this leads to infection and loss of teeth and bone. Another problem that smokeless tobacco causes is that it turns teeth either yellow or brown and .monly causes very bad breath. Not only is mouth and throat cancer is serious risk, but other dangerous risks of smokeless tobacco include: 1.A greater likelihood of cavity formation 2.Gum damage 3.Alteration in the soft tissues of the mouth 4.White patches (precancerous spots in the mouth) 5.Addiction to nicotine that is every bit as strong as smoking 6.Blood sugar levels rise 7.Heart rate rises 8.Blood pressure rises 9.Blood vessels constrict Users of smokeless tobacco must call a dentist immediately if they see any white patch in their mouth that does not heal, have a sore throat that does not go away, or have difficulty chewing. Restriction of tongue and jaws is another danger sign, as is the feeling like something is caught in the throat About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: