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"Someya Masata" greetings Chinese audience parasyte   early field mouth overflowing — entertainment channel, by Japan’s popular comic adaptation of the movie "parasitic" beast today exposed the actor Someya Masata greeting video. In the video, slightly shy Someya Masata invited everyone to enter the theater in September 2nd, to support its starring "parasitic beast". All have the yen value acting adorable landing video of Someya Masata China teenage boy wearing a hat, a shy adorable face look very cute, when talking with small dimples also give people a warm feeling, and together with the exposure of the stills in stark contrast. In one of the stills, he and the heroine hidden in the wall, looked nervous, another piece of stills, his peak of the war, and the outcome is hard to determine the villain parasitic beast, the overall atmosphere is very intense. I do not know that they are cute of him, in the movie how to fight against the same parasyte. For Chinese audience, the name of Someya Masata may be a bit strange, but he is known to every family in Japan has character, 9 year old debut he has won many awards in Japan at home and abroad, and is the first Japanese won an award at the Venice Film Festival. The famous movie star Tony Leung mentioned to Someya Masata’s appreciation and love in a film review, showing the 24 year old Japanese teenager acting with his career, I believe the future will go farther and farther. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: