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Small Business The last few years have seen most business people and companies opting for Spot UV business cards. There are so many reasons why these business cards are gaining popularity to fast. Before we delve into the reasons lets understand what the business cards are. What is sport UV? You must have heard of matte business cards and glossy business cards. The spot UV business cards are a combination of the two cards. The only slight difference is that instead of applying UV gloss all over the card the designers opt for gloss application on specific parts of the cards. However, the common areas where the gloss is applied are company logo, company name and the important graphic elements of the card. Sometimes the gloss can be applied in unique patterns like plaid, circles, stripes or spirals which are emanating from the center. There are endless options when it comes to the UV cards. The gloss can also be applied on different sides or on either sides of the card. Generally application of the silk depends on how you want your card to look like. The Merits The best of all the benefits of spot UV business cards is that it is just impossible to ignore. You will simply notice it from a far. It means that people will easily see the company logo, names and other associated details. There are also more features added to the business card that you will not find in other cards. The composition has textural emphasis, the foil among other elements. Graphic designers prefer this type of business card simply because they can explore and adventure in their many options. It therefore, invites creativity and the recipients will love them because of the impression. How They Are Created While the process is slightly complicated you can create a spot UV business card. The process is almost similar to that of the standard design but there are additional steps you can include. You will need the same design for both the front and the back of the card. You will also need an artwork which relates to your field, this is very important. You can also add silk or gold on the business card. This will give you an elegant silk or gold foil stamped business cards that looks like no other. You can then make a mask file which will indicate the specific places where the gloss, gold or silk is applied. Mask files should always be black and white. The Spot UV business cards are the best since they are flexible. Nowadays people dont need rigidity in business cards and you can be adventurous to make what suits you best. You can also get flexible with the content and shapes. You can also opt to make it round cornered depending in your preference. You have probably seen business cards which look like light bulbs, microphones, hamburgers and more. With a compelling, advertisement and response driving touch the UV is what you need for your business to thrive and survive the harsh competitions. About the Author: gold foil stamped business cards : A business card should get you closer to more resources that you need in business. Therefore, ensure that your ..blockbusterprint../spot-uv-gloss-business-cards.html spot UV business cards has the contacts which people will use to reach you. These are the phone numbers, fax numbers and the emails. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: