Suqian intensive campus recruitment to recruit elite talent ajviewer

Suqian city to carry out intensive campus recruitment to attract talents in October 29th, "Suqian City talent introduction recruit campus activities into the Nanjing University of Science and Technology, 34 units of 409 jobs to attract a large number of graduates to participate in. The event is only a microcosm of the fall of Suqian this year, the introduction of Talent Recruitment Campus activities. Even Japan, city people club Bureau, municipal office personnel frequently attract high-level personnel to carry out activities, the key units and enterprises went to Shandong University, Qinghai University, Anhui University and the Nanjing University of Science and Technology and other colleges and universities, to attract large-scale economic and social development of our city urgently needed high-level talents, talents, and achieved good effect of employment. High level of talent introduction. The series of the organization’s activities, attract talent level is generally higher than in previous years, are in urgent need of upgrading transformation of institutions shortage of much-needed professional technical posts talents and enterprises of high skilled talents and health professional and technical personnel. Activity attracted a total of 1600 undergraduates from Beifang Univesity of Nationality, ShenYang Ligong University, Xi’an Jiao Tong University, Northwestern University, Shandong University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Anhui University and other colleges and universities graduates, 800 people on the spot for intention, including 180 masters. Demand professional precision docking. Before the event, the city Bureau of personnel service center of the employer to carry out the talent demand research, collecting post demand information, sort out the "employer demand list"; further understanding college professional structure, employment intention of graduates, sort out the "employment intention of college graduates, college graduates list" to ensure professional learning and job requirements of precision docking, improve people post match degree. For binary, colorful, Jinghong Lida Plastic new materials and other employers need polymer materials, chemical materials and other professionals, and Nanjing University of Science and Technology precision docking, received a total of more than 80 copies of your resume, including more than 60% graduate students. For science and Technology (Suqian) mechanical and electrical machinery and electronics, Jingdong need to store customer service staff, xiuqiang glass needs accounting and human resources management professional, and Anhui University graduates precise docking, received a total of more than 40 copies of your resume. Two way selection. In the past, most of the high-level personnel selection is the organs, institutions, and now, professional and technical positions are very popular. The introduction of the introduction of talent campus activities, the city’s 220 home provides a total of 1180 jobs, involving medicine, health, machinery manufacturing, computer, automation, textile and other fields. Especially this year the Suqian City Center Hospital post setting and the demand for talents of high quality, providing a total of more than two hospitals in 14 key, mainly set up administrative, clinical, pharmacy, nursing, public health and other positions, including clinical and technical personnel for the hospital personnel recruit citation key. Attract real cooperation. In order to further promote the talents attract cooperation, to build a fast and efficient exchange platform, the city to further strengthen cooperation, deepen the school integration, promote talent attract from the point to the surface, extending from the local to the college; from near to far, from the employer to the Department of extension. City and Social Council and Shandong University signed a cooperation agreement with the school, the city part of the hospital signed a cooperation agreement with Shandong University,.相关的主题文章: