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Smart phones and mobile Internet have become the de-facto and first point of interface to the external world today. Businesses and consumers are riding on the power of mobile, exposing themselves to a number of mobile application vulnerabilities. The mobile device world is characterized by a plethora of devices, screen resolutions operating systems, operators and locations. In a world that is comprised of tens of thousands of different client devices and over 400 operators around the globe, testing your mobile application and ensuring its secure can become a real problem. In an interaction with CIOL, Sai Chintala- SVP, Global Pre-Sales and Enterprise Solutions Group, Cigniti Technologies, talked about mobile application testing strategies for common attack possibilities. Excerpts: CIOL: What are the common attack possibilities on a mobile platform witnessed today? Are they serious? Sai Chintala: A mobile device is often designed (and used) for means of communication; hence, it is not a surprise that, most common attacks happen via malicious applications utilizing the communication channels such as Email, SMS, Bluetooth, TCP/UDP sockets, etc. While weak side server controls make mobile applications further susceptible, the inherent vulnerabilities known in web application world would also be attributed to the mobile application world too. This reduces the risk appetite for mobile applications. For example, if a malicious application can access the SMS that is being sent to the banking customer, it would allow the attacker to access the unique transaction code needed for authorizing financial transaction and bypass the multilayer authentication designed by the banks. CIOL: Today, every enterprise is moving to the mobile platform. How do you see their apps from security perspective? SC: In the wake of increased adoption of mobility platform, security has definitely become one of the biggest challenges at CIOs’ hands. Most of the challenges revolve around three issues: Device and app control, heterogeneity of devices and data security. Recent research report from Forrester on the 2013 work force adoption trends’ confirms that the global work force as anytime, anywhere information work force. Research also confirms that these workers use at least three or more devices, work from multiple locations and use more than a minimum of 10 apps Cigniti Technologies is an independent software testing services company that is headquartered in Irving, Texas and has Cigniti has global delivery centers in the US, India, London, and Colombia. Cigniti offers on demand access for key services such as big data testing, functional testing, core testing,automation testing, performance testing, mobile testing, robotics testing, security testing,test the cloud and regression testing Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Software 相关的主题文章: