The 1 floor wall cracks bash a number of tenants upstairs renovation Housing (video) w-inds.

The 1 floor renovation several housing tenants upstairs bash wall cracks Yubei District Yuanyang Street residential owners as boundless as the sea and sky to change the housing structure, decoration site map. Reporter Hu Jie photo Yubei District home owners Raycom as boundless as the sea and sky community in Mr. Liu to the newspaper, he lived in the 12-1 building, the 1 building owners to change the housing structure, and residential floor shops and a floor opened up illegal alterations, cracks caused by the number of households housing above the ground floor, a serious threat to the building 12-1 all the owners of residential security. Scene: the dozen hit the wall, the housing structure destroyed yesterday, reporters came to the residential building 12-1, can be seen at the scene, the building a total of two rooms, the wall decoration were smashed through, into a big room. Not only that, the decoration will be a layer of the ground floor of the house smashed through the ground floor and a layer of connectivity. The owners will be opened after the first commercial housing and shops, so that only one layer of the facade, converted into a two storey commercial housing. In addition, on the back of the house on an outdoor wall, there is a close to the two floor of the wall has been repaired traces. According to nearby residents, said it was before the owners smashed in the decoration, the property has been repaired after the stop. In the public terrace near the house, but also piled up a lot of decoration materials. Residents: outside the wall to see the obvious cracks, according to the owners, said Liu, now 12-1 building occupancy rate has reached about 90%, the number of residents in more than 270. "So the demolition of the decoration is likely to damage the wall and foundation." Mr. Liu worries, if security problems will be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. "We can see the cracks in the walls of our house." Aunt Wang’s home in the lower floor of the building, under her guidance, the reporter saw the wall there are obvious cracks. According to Wang aunt introduced in the owners before the renovation, these cracks do not exist, she felt it was entirely due to the destruction caused by the decoration. Aunt Wang also told reporters that in the beginning of the decoration layer, hit the wall of sound is very large, a great impact on the lower floors of households, the home of the little grandson is often the voice of cry decoration. "Once the building collapsed, we ran away from the old man and the child." Wang aunt said. Property management: several representations, but ignore each other then, reporters came to the residential property center, according to the relevant staff responsible for the matter said that since the beginning of March this year, the owners reflect the relevant circumstances, property management has repeatedly discouraged, and negotiate with each other on the matter, but did not care about each other. The staff said that the property management side to discourage the fruitless negotiations, the destruction of houses has photographed acquisition structure of the owners, and the destruction of evidence related to the number of households in the foundation of housing cracks, and the owners issued a rectification notice, cut off the use of water and electricity, the owners of the rectification. At the same time, Wuguan in March this year and June respectively to the Municipal Planning Bureau complaints of this event, and with several other owners to reflect the situation of Yuanyang street. But the owner is still under construction, and claims to have private use of electric water channel, pipe and other owners not discouraged. At present, in the coordination of Yuanyang street and related departments, the owners had to suspend the construction.相关的主题文章: