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Real-Estate The need for housing in Pune is on a constant rise, but it is crystal clear that the land in Pune is not extending its boundaries! Only the builders in Pune and the localites know how difficult it has become to build or buy a home in Pune. However, the top real estate developers in Pune like Vascon toil to build luxurious townships without sabotaging the scenic beauty of Pune. It is indeed a Herculean task! To overcome this difficulty, builders in Pune are planning their projects on the outskirts of Pune. These areas of Pune which are now in constant limelight werent even noticeable on the citys map, just a decade back. The real estate industry of Pune has developed in a true sense. The journey hasnt been easy, but it has surely been interesting, lets take a sneak peek at it. One of the favourite tales that the wise men of Pune often tell is of the times when Pune was fondly named the Pensioner’s Paradise. Those were the times when the city didnt buzz with excitement as much it buzzed with bicycle bells! The real estate market in Pune wasnt as flamboyant as it is now, as in the past Pune was more of a bungalow city than a city of townships. However, since the time it has caught the eye of the IT industry and the higher education-inspired crowd, it has undergone a tremendous change. The increasing population of Pune has encouraged the top real estate developers in Pune to use their creativity for the good. For the very reason, we can now see magnificent IT parks like Weikfield IT Citi Info- Park and eco-friendly townships like Forest County by renowned builders like Vascon. These projects and many more like them are packed with amenities and luxuries that one can ask for. These properties in Pune are located amidst the lush green part of the city. Though Pune has come a far way from where it was ten years back, it is still on the brim of becoming a developed city. The top real estate developers in Pune certainly have big plans for the city, apart from building homes for the predicted population of 50 lakh by 2020 (source – The number of townships, IT parks, shopping malls and commercial buildings will surely increase, as real estate industry is predicated to have the highest return by 2020 (source – So if you are one of the wannabes attracted by this cosmopolitan city, or a real estate developer, Pune can surely be the city of dreams for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: