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UnCategorized With all of the details pertaining to electronic cigarettes, nicotine strength, battery size, charging options, many who are new to e-smoking do not realize that the most important aspect of the experience has less to do with the look, feel or cost of the device than it does the vapor quality. When smokers make the switch to vaping, they often do so because they want to keep their nicotine inhaling habit without the foul odor, fire hazard and other negative aspects of traditional cigarettes. If the vapor, which serves to replace traditional smoke, is unsatisfying, someone new to e-cigs may end up returning to .bustible cigarettes before they have even given their new smoking alternative a chance. But what makes up e-cig vapor, and which details determine its quality? The answer is actually quite .plex. Thickness versus Throat Hit Aside from the liquid nicotine and flavoring agents, most e-liquid contains a base of propylene glycol(PG) and/or vegetable glycerin(VG). In general, PG is responsible for the throat hit, the strength at which the vapor hits the back of your throat, while VG is responsible for vapor thickness. For this reason, a large majority of the ejuice you will find contains a mix of VG and PG. For most vapers, the mix creates a balance that provides for both a satisfying throat hit and substantial vapor production. Rarely, though, a vaper may discover that he or she has an allergy to PG. Luckily, a number of ejuice vendors provide for this by offering VG-only blends. To account for the potential loss of throat hit, those with a PG allergy often opt for tobacco or even cinnamon flavors, so that the flavoring agent provides the powerful sensation lost by removing PG. E-Cig Cartridge Cleanliness and Maintenance Refillable eliquid cartridges are convenient, but they do have limits on how often they can be used. Parts will get dirty and clogged eventually. Several methods for cartridge cleaning exist, but most vapers choose to simply replace them when they get clogged. Cartridges (or cartomizers, as they are called when the atomizer is built in to the cartridge) are a very minimal expense, and those who throw away their old cartridges without attempting to clean them still find that they are saving a significant amount of money over traditional smoking. Electronic Cigarette Battery Life While it is true that the size of the e-cig battery relates more to how long you can use it between charges, the battery life itself does have some effect on the thickness of the vapor. In a lot of e-cig brands, the vapor thickness starts to decrease as the battery life reaches its end. While most electronic cigarettes contain a light that indicates it is time to charge the battery, if you are vaping and your vapor production seems to be slacking off, try switching to a fresh battery and see if that helps. It may be that you have noticed the decrease in vapor production just before the indicator kicks in. High-Quality Electronic Cigarettes While the aspects mentioned above certainly have some effect on vapor production, the biggest factor is the quality of the device itself. Satisfying vapor depends, first and foremost, on whether or not you have a well-made electronic cigarette. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: