The Hongkong film anti-corruption Storm 2 release in mainland Hong Kong films adhering to traditiona-soojin

The Hongkong film "anti-corruption Storm 2" release in mainland Hong Kong films adhering to traditional flavor – Beijing Beijing in September 15 Taiyuan Xinhua (reporter Hu Jian) Hongkong film "anti-corruption Storm 2" on the evening of 14 in China mainland release, as in the past to Hong Kong film adhering to the traditional flavor, several generations of Hongkong’s iconic figure full debut film. Insiders pointed out that the film or the Mid Autumn Festival will become a box office dark horse. "That night, the film in Taiyuan Wanda cinema attendance of 80%. When the Mid Autumn Festival holiday eve, many viewers a night on weekdays, have considerable attendance. When Ada Choi Bowie Lam, the Hongkong TVB gold partner appear in the film, the pure feelings of Hong Kong pumianerlai. Perhaps it is for a long time did not appear on the screen of the reason, a lot of times will have a seamless connection with the minds of the TVB plot. In addition to the usual act of chasing and shooting, humor and satire also appear in the film. "Sonny" Zhou Yumin is one of the highlights in the film, as the occupation killer he had almost no lines in the film, a pair of bright eyes throughout the entire film, even by Louis Koo are known as "the best performance." While he was at the end of the film’s plot, it is also the unique Hong Kong Style: reasonable but not necessarily reasonable. Director Lin Delu is not known to the mainland audience, but he and Gordon Chan co director of a film in the mainland, known to every family in the audience, that is 1992 starring Stephen Chow "king of beggars". This is not Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Ada Choi for the first time in 1998, three people cooperation, once together filmed movie "Lam suspect", this is the three cooperation second people. "2" anti-corruption storm produced by Raymond Wong, directed by Lin Delu, Huang Haohua, Julian Cheung, Zhou Yumin screenwriter, Louis Koo Ada Choi, Co star. The film tells the story of the Independent Commission against corruption investigation in Hongkong and the surrounding gambling gambling corruption cases and will bring criminals to justice. (end)相关的主题文章: