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The house for the Beijing international design week Lisa Roet "golden monkey" – Sohu to celebrate the Beijing international design week and eleven golden week, the house to join the famous Australian artist Lisa Roet, hang a giant inflatable monkey sculpture in the busy commercial district of Sanlitun art. During the period from September 22nd to October 30th, the 14 meter high "golden monkey" will be 30 meters from the ground in the house of the climbing flag green geometric type wall, like a diamond on hotel overlooking the passers-by.   the sculpture is called "golden monkey", the prototype from Burma golden monkey. They grow in the Sino Burmese border in a deep forest, but because of the large population growth, deforestation and poaching, the number of species worldwide only 400, on the verge of extinction. It belongs to the famous Chinese monkey subspecies, "journey to the west" in the monkey king Sun Wukong’s prototype is derived from the golden monkey. In addition to the cultural connotations behind it, the sculpture also delivered a global topic – Wildlife conservation. Due to massive deforestation, habitat loss and human consumption growth, Burma golden monkey is a critically endangered species. After thousands of years of continuous evolution, Burma golden monkey unique flat nose, so that they can adapt to the cold climate of the mountains, to help them through the capture of defrosting survival, but also because of the shape of the nose, they will sneeze in a rainy day. As global temperatures rise sharply, golden monkey may be forced to leave the natural home to seek suitable habitat climate, the species will be in danger. The fragility of the inflatable sculpture symbolizes the fragility of this rare species. The bustling downtown Sanlitun has a strong contrast with the tranquil Yunnan forest habitat, which means that it is forced to stay away from nature.   in addition to house wall sculpture, Roet also showcased her avant-garde jewelry works in the lobby of the hotel. The characteristics of design from primate animal, each with exquisite detail features of the wearer’s body, bring the intimate connection between the visual impact.   Roet said: "the house is known to create new art community concept, we are very lucky to get support of the hotel, put the idea into reality. I hope that caused concern of mankind to ape through my work. They are close relatives of humans, more than 98% of human DNA, and they have our own shadow." Roet is from Melbourne, she has been on genetic chemistry enthusiastic, 25 years work has been the theme of the ape. In Australia, Belgium and the United States has a gallery agent, and has held more than 25 solo exhibitions in the world. In recent years, she China art activity, participated in the Shanghai Biennale and the Chengdu Biennale and other famous activities, recently working with artist Shen Shaomin for large art projects. The hotel’s general manager Bai Ximing said: "the Lisa Roet sculpture is the best way to celebrate the Beijing international design week and eleven golden week. It is not only fun and cultural connotation, but has deep meaning on the environment and Chinese rare natural heritage protection, and this house concept is very fit." &nbs product相关的主题文章: