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The Imperial Palace opened the veil of the Western Region – Inner Mongolia Channel – People’s network is the right to open the door of the Imperial Palace. Through the door, visitors can directly from the front to the west of the the Imperial Palace area taihe. Xinhua News Agency reporter photo by Jin Liang 29, Beijing the Imperial Palace Museum officially open to the new western Hongqiao fault cining region, will open two between North and south to the channel, to further expand the open area, so that the audience can enjoy more wonderful Royal palace. Among them, Hongqiao fault and eighteen Huai monuments is open to the public for the first time. Study on the application of digital the Imperial Palace culture assets VR studio will also for student groups viewing, the mysterious the Imperial Palace icehouse will be opened up to the audience service area. The ice area is located outside the Imperial Palace longchong Gate Road West, semi underground arch type cave architecture. Icehouse built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, the existing 4, Qing Tibetan ice, the entire region can be expected to hold the audience of nearly 300, with cafes, bookstores, restaurants etc.. Dan Jixiang the Imperial Palace museum director said, environmental reconstruction combined with the idea of architectural features of icehouse completely reversible, let the audience at rest and enjoy at the same time, the ancient palace summer and cultural connotation of understanding. At present, the final preparations are being carried out, will be open. The icehouse, came to Hongqiao east of the main fault. North Bridge, the bridge for the white marble stone paved, on both sides of the bridge installation panels embossed with wear flowers of dragon pattern column look for shishi. Relevant person in charge of the the Imperial Palace, said the material used in this bridge, ornate decoration, carving exquisite, for the Golden River bridge. The famous "Adorable lion" is located in the Hongqiao fault on the side bar, hand side abdominal scratching. 18 tall pagoda is located in Hongqiao north bridge has a big break, known as the "Eighteen tree". Study on Application of the Imperial Palace cultural heritage digital is located in the new open area which will open. Virtual reality studio each can accommodate dozens of people to watch, digital VR studio will be organized for students for group booking open, related programs are being developed in the process of. Shan Jixiang said, the use of digital 3D scanning, digital photography, 3D modeling method, 3D database of the Imperial Palace relics, cultural heritage of the original stereo reproduction. The "eleven" period, the Imperial Palace museum also held "late Yan, unseal chrysanthemum chrysanthemum tea and the Imperial Palace Museum of cultural relics exhibition theme of chrysanthemum". The exhibition is divided into two parts of the Imperial Palace unseal Chrysanthemum Exhibition "and" the Imperial Palace Museum chrysanthemum theme relics exhibition, exhibition from the opening of more than 3 pots of chrysanthemums, as well as provided by the Beihai Park Boutique chrysanthemum. At the same time, from the school of Tibetan cultural relics in choosing the theme of chrysanthemum essence, in the Yongshou palace and Yan Xi palace held chrysanthemum theme heritage exhibition, the exhibition featured 215 pieces of cultural relics (sets), to the end of November 27th, including the Northern Song Ding white porcelain stamp with a chrysanthemum pattern, Yongle from Chrysanthemum bowl hats and other cultural relics map box. In addition, the the Imperial Palace and the India National Museum Museum jointly organized the "East China: bingdilian Brahma   in 400, 700 years Chinese and India sculpture art exhibition" 28 exhibition hall open in the afternoon. The sculpture works not only show the Eastern Jin Dynasty China sixteen countries, northern and Southern Dynasties to early Tang Dynasty Buddhism)相关的主题文章: