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.puters-and-Technology As we know, network engineer has a big scope of work when it .es to, not only .puters, but also in tele.munication and radio technology. Scott LaPlant’s dream is to develop new software and hardware that will .plete the .puter design network purpose. They are the ones develop setting up user account; they monitor the network usage, develop and installs new software or hardware. Because of these things, Scott LaPlant studied business and pursues his interest in .puters and software and became an IT Manager to a Network Engineer and everything in between. He has many personal and professional activities set him apart from his peers. Raised in Escanaba, Michigan, He also attended college in Wisconsin before relocating to Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, and beginning work as an information technician. As IT Manager, He is responsible for all telephone .munications at one of the area’s largest .panies, and he has been involved in several effective initiatives improving Dutchland, Inc.’s tele.munications infrastructure. He is .mitted to meeting corporate goals, increasing productivity and decreasing costs and has already been selected twice as Dutchland, Inc.’s Employee of the Month. He left in October 2009 to pursue other opportunities. Outside of his professional work, He also specializes in Linux operating systems and is a member of the Central Pennsylvania Linux User Group. His other technical interests include various emerging technologies, particularly in systems security, and he keeps a blog at scottlaplant… To help his neighbors in need in Elizabethtown, He also supports Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Special Olympics, and Milagro House in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In his leisure time, He likes to fish, scuba dive, bike, and cross country ski. He is also a fan of jazz music and the work of John Grisham and Robert Fulghum. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: