The level cap 80 Yaodao girl Ibunroku in November a new version of the open

The level cap 80 "Yaodao girl Ibunroku" in November a new version of the open [Abstract] "Yaodao girl Ibunroku" new version of game player will the level cap raised to 80, also launched a new 80 "elf" suit! The Luo Tianyi linkage, NetEase can tune the girl’s masterpiece "the two dimension Mobile Games Yaodao girl Ibunroku" version and a major update. November 3rd "Yaodao girl Ibunroku" is about to open a new version, the new version of banshee, in addition to the new new plot, the level cap to 80, more and more black game scene peerless weapon strikes, a look! The girl can tune the two dimension Mobile Games for love, music wire appeared pain banshee! The new version of Weiss will continue to embark on the journey of the sixth crusade against the banshee, pain, love music Banshee Banshee wire line. Love music, known as the silk dream observer, can reflect the dreams from the subconscious mind to find each other’s weakness, and the spirit of the attack. Enjoy each other’s dreams, enjoy the process for her is the most worthy of taste. The girl Weiss is able to face their weakest corner, out of the Banshee dream, have to rely on it to help the game player. Love and pain the Banshee music wire enhance the level of Grade 80 in 70 more stops too long want to upgrade? The new version meets you in November! "Yaodao girl Ibunroku" the new version will game player level cap raised to 80, also launched a new 80 "Wizard" suits, elegant and charming fairy series equipment, is absolutely the weapon against evil banshee, clearance pain map can have a chance to drop the Banshee new wizard series equipment. You brave game player, come open new challenges, put on new equipment, to continuously improve the combat capability! A new map of pain to girls can tune the two dimension "Mobile Games Yaodao girl Ibunroku" 80 new version of the now available on-line, new love, music wire appeared Banshee anguish, Weiss is able to escape the deadly teenage dream, the New Adventures of urgent. Quick to put on a new set of elves together. 80 new elf suit [about "Yaodao girl Ibunroku" NetEase] game in 2016 to tune the girl’s two dimensional masterpiece "Yaodao girl Ibunroku", in the ten Millennium Banshee ruling dark world as the background, around Yaodao girl Weiss revenge blackening and save the world tour game story. The game uses Japanese Gothic style, exquisite original painting full of mass, Lily set, popular seiyuu is committed to providing vocals, game player to bring a visual feast of the fingertips! "Yaodao girl Ibunroku" belongs to the fast paced version of the cross through Mobile Games burnt plot type, violence, action / whole blood, every battle will burn "small universe": DELL Heim cyclotron in the battlefield, girls released action / blood! The justice, this evil, will be cut off by ginobili! "Yaodao girl Ibunroku" login "Yaodao station: advance girl Ibunroku" official: WeChat ydsnywl相关的主题文章: