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The new drop jumped to his death after the Department of Education – education to blame Sohu recently, Guangdong Zhanjiang Lianjiang Anpu middle school Gon Freecss expelled from their own roof, jumped and died. As Gon Freecss was dropped out of the new students are not a minority, they are not the lowest admission line was admitted by the school, was dropped out of school. It is reported that the city of Zhanjiang City illegal enrollment of about 1900 people, 1325 people have been repaying. Anpu middle school responsible person, lenient in previous years the Bureau of education, the school has "red line" for luck, but not break past this year. In previous years, the local high school admission requirements can not reach the normal line of students, but the local education department did not strictly enforce the provisions for the completion of high school enrollment indicators did not reach the general line of the illegal recruit students, no education departments strict repaying, which makes illegal bidding generation "practice". This year, the education department must strictly enforce the provisions of general requirements, repaying all did not meet the admission line of students, which makes some students can not afford, including Gon Freecss in such an extreme way to express their dissatisfaction. This sad sad script can be completely avoided, the local education department to blame for the tragedy. According to reports, the local high school admission to high school must be specified in the line of students at the same time, also requires schools to complete enrollment indicators, this is contradictory. If the line of students is not enough, the students admitted to school irregularities violations, illegal admission is not illegal, how are violations, the school how to do? This is the middle school. The person in charge of the school enrollment indicators revealed that the higher authorities for 702 people, villages and towns meet admission line is more than and 300 students, fully recruit enough students; if you do not complete the enrollment task will be criticized for "outstanding universal high school education index". The provisions of this wonderful was introduced, showing that this is the result of the head shot scores: the implementation of regulations, in order to maintain the order of enrollment and enrollment in secondary vocational schools to space, and issued a general high enrollment index, and require schools to pay attention to the enrollment, improve the quality of education, but policymakers did not analyze the contradiction. Secondly, the education department did not strictly enforce the provisions of, let the students to understand the rules of the fuzzy, that did not reach the normal line, also read high school. If the issued regulations, will strictly enforce the provisions of requirements, all in accordance with the provisions of school enrollment, student enrollment to do, it will not happen to be admitted to high school and then return the event. Including this year too, if in the high school enrollment, enrollment strictly stressed clear rules, not illegal school enrollment, and enrollment indicators to determine the cancellation of high school, after school has not completed enrollment to clean up illegal admission of students, things are not referred to the point now. Again, the education departments and schools, to return too simple and rough. Starting from the strict implementation of the provisions, the Education Department determined to deal with illegal recruitment, this is the implementation of the provisions of the progress, but in return has admitted students, must be cautious. For just graduated from junior high school students, the school decided to return directly to tell the students that the inexperienced children will be a big blow,.相关的主题文章: