The opening of the nineteenth Beijing International Music Festival p8400

The opening – Culture – original title of the nineteenth Beijing International Music Festival, the nineteenth Beijing International Music Festival opening ceremony last night, once a year the Beijing International Music Festival kicked off the opening concert by the National Theatre Orchestra featuring performances, orchestral and choral works of Lv Jia Brahms, a conductor in Zhongshan music hall with Shostakovich. Last night’s opening concert is the most eye-catching than the National Grand Theater, the two largest performing groups in the National Grand Theatre Orchestra and chorus for the first time invited to participate in the Beijing International Music festival. This is not only the National Theatre Orchestra since its inception in 2010, in the Beijing area for the first time in the theater outside the concert stage for formal performance, which is also in the music festival artistic director Yu Long led the Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra, the first appearance of the opening play domestic music groups in the music festival. It is with this concert as an opportunity, the National Grand Theater Orchestra and the Beijing International Music Festival both set a new record. Insiders said that although the National Grand Theater, a few hundred meters away from the Zhongshan music hall, the orchestra is just a small step away from home, but the cooperation of the two arts agencies have made a big step forward. It is worth mentioning that, although the theatre orchestra as "new faces" appeared on the music festival stage, but as the concert conductor Lv Jia led a delegation for the music festival is an old friend. As early as 2002, the then chairman of the Swedish rock flat Symphony Orchestra Lv Jia had led a delegation participating in the fifth Beijing International Music festival. Coincidentally, Lv Jia not only with the artistic director of the Beijing International Music Festival in Yu Long are the same age, and in the last century at the end of 80s in Germany Berlin abroad, this time in a foreign country to study the common experience, so that two people have forged a profound friendship. As early as in April this year, the artistic director of the festival long Yu went to the National Grand Theater for the national theatre production of the opera "La Traviata", announced the Grand Theatre Orchestra in the music festival this year’s show will be invited for the first time, and cooperation while two art institutions have also been called "mutual combination, ripe". Last night at the National Theater orchestra also showed a strong, Brahms "Haydn" theme and orchestral and choral works "song of destiny" and the Russian composer Shostakovich in 1948 the creation of large oratorio "forest song", each work is a huge challenge, orchestra Lee? Described the music after the process of "rehearsal and go a moment through all sorts of heavy anxiety, fatigue, discomfort and difficulty breathing in psychology and physiology. But everything in the garden of peace and the glory of the music has been sublimated. Hard to forget, move on!" It is reported that with the opening concert, "heritage of music new music" as the theme of the nineteenth session of the Beijing International Music Festival officially kicked off, in the next 21 days will have 30 wonderful show turns debut, including the Britten opera "A Midsummer Night’s dream", the Czech Philharmonic Concert Dvorak Tchaikovsky, the Moscow Symphony Orchestra of the full set of chaishi Symphony programs have met with the audience. (reporter Luo Ying) (commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: