The prevalence rate of depression among people over 18 years old was 4.3% in Dalian poper

Dalian’s population above the age of 18 to 4.3% prevalence of depression in the past few days, my circle of friends is 28 years old "good man" Qiao Renliang died of depression message scraper. A lot of friends in the heart at the same time, but also to a consciousness of the problem: the original depression is not simply a bad mood, smile very brilliant "optimist" there may be depression. According to the epidemiological survey in Liaoning Province, the prevalence rate of depression among people over 18 years old in Dalian area was 4.3%, and the prevalence rate of male was 3.4% and female was 5%. Because of work pressure, family marital accident cause and more and more people with depression. The investigation shows that, because of the lack of understanding of depression, or the existence of prejudice against depression, in order to take the correct attitude, more than 90% of the patients have no treatment, 15% of patients ultimately ending Dutch act. "Optimist" may also be the pain inside always smiles Qiao Renliang Dutch act died, many netizens shocked by such a "optimist" how can Dutch act for depression. However, such a person lives and a lot of their knowledge, not low income, working life is very strong, to allow all doubt, as in the mood of depression of the surface covered with a layer of "smile" veil. However, they are the same with the common people, but also confused, distressed, sad, but in order to maintain their own "strongman" "optimist" image, unwilling to talk to someone inside negative emotions, accumulating pain, strong carrying pressure. The Central Hospital of Dalian psychological clinic director Gui Bing told reporters that people suffering from depression should evaluate the Dutch act tendency in clinical practice, if a "optimist" often repeated consideration of death, then you should pay close attention to the serious need hospital treatment. The director of the Dalian City Seventh People’s Hospital of psychological counseling and treatment center Xu Junting introduced before, like a lot of smile type depression patients Dutch act in preparation, will consciously hide their pain and smile, in order to avoid the attention of medical staff, relatives and friends. They will show a sudden improvement in mood, if the people around him, aware of this, do not be careless, missed the opportunity to save the patients with depression. Why can’t people close to the depressed? Although we often "depression" two words in the mouth, but for the understanding of the disease there are many misconceptions. Chen Baoping, director of psychological counseling in the city seven hospital told reporters that the first big misunderstanding is that people close to persuasion can help them to get rid of depression, followed by a random selection can be considered counseling agencies, third is that the symptoms disappeared without treatment. Around the face depressed friends, we often instinctively want earnest persuasion, that in the face of a familiar person they are more likely to talk. However, we do not know, sometimes family members, friends, but the more the more the better the more bad advice. Chen Baoping, director of psychological counseling in the city seven hospital told reporters, we can not do with empathy in patients with depression, our persuasion is actually on the depression is not accepted. Depressed patients with a lot of pressure, in order to maintain their own hope in the eyes of others in the positive image, but will hide the negative emotions. "Want to相关的主题文章: