The Smurfs 3 exposure Chinese sell adorable new return Trailer shuabao tianbi

"The Smurfs 3" exposure Chinese Trailer sell adorable new return showy blue sister and friends Cong Cong and Ben, be together to find the mysterious lost village of Sina entertainment news following the classic animated adaptation of "The Smurfs" live animation film and launched in the wake of the global mad received popularity, SONY’s new 3D animated film "The Smurfs: the lost village" (hereinafter referred to as the "The Smurfs 3") is about to usher in the advent of. Recently, the world’s first exposure advance, 4 lovely little blue guy in a mysterious jungle adventure, naughty treasure every feature, expression and action to make people laugh at the funny, funny sell adorable temperament remarkable exciting. It is reported that the film initially for the North American release in March 31, 2017. "The Smurfs" brand new start CG pure blood transfusion film dubbing animation director "The Smurfs 3" by "Shrek 2" director Kelly directed Mandy Patinkin as brilliant, as Papa dubbing, blue sister by Demi Lovato dubbing, villain gargamel by Wilson Wren vocals. As the "The Smurfs" series of films for the restart, "The Smurfs 3" not only experienced director and actor big shake up, will all use CG animation form. In other words, there will be no more live performances, all of which are animated images. This is for the majority of animation fans, no doubt closer to their own hearts. In addition, the film will also launch a new adventure story around The Smurfs. Blue sister and her best friend Cong Cong, Ben, Jianjian, because a mysterious map was involved in a thrilling and exciting adventure. This film is full of magical creatures in the forest, The Smurfs hurried to find a mysterious lost village before gargamel evil. After a roller coaster ride full of war and danger, The Smurfs embarked on a journey to discover the secrets of family history…… First notice our funny The Smurfs into the jungle adventure adventure staged a brief notice the main focus of the exposure of the The Smurfs in a mysterious jungle. Notice the beginning, with a few little guy seems to be lost because of the thing, a strange barrier is blocked their path. Of course, the nature of naughty The Smurfs will not give up because of this exploration a little obstacles, pushing, squeezing, pressure, hit turns staged, backed by the barrier my hips look is full of our. At the moment of the barrier, strange and mysterious jungle appeared in front of us. The Smurfs has several head peeped through the black box, the screen with the naked eye 3D effect, even the audience seemed to enter into this mysterious jungle, and soon and The Smurfs together play adventure. However, one has yet to explore the wonders of the secret Jungle King, standing on the edge of The Smurfs was a piranha swallow, but then it seems because little appetite are spit out, provoked The Smurfs aside more than uproarious. But then, this schadenfreude The Smurfs has also been swallowed into belly, unexpected picture is full of delight. At the end of the trailer, "what do you think you know about them? It may not be "subtitles, it seems that The Smurfs will show.相关的主题文章: