The three boys night designed to grab the young couple grab the money to play online games noreply

The three boys night designed to grab the young couple grab the money to play online games in July 18th midnight, on the west coast of Haikou Xixiu Beach Beach, a young couple suddenly encountered 2 unidentified men robbed. Haikou City Public Security Bureau Xiuying after receiving the alarm, after careful investigation, will have a robbery gang of 3 members all arrested. After breaking 6 cases with ferreting out clues, knife robbery cases, seized mobile phone 7, 1 necklaces, 1 electric vehicles, and earnestly safeguard the social stability of the Xiuying area. Reporter Chang Kevin Figure 1 a couple of small night beach was empty the early morning of July 18th, Haikou Xixiu Beach a quiet seaside. Working in Haikou, the girl Xiao Hong (a pseudonym) and her boyfriend Xiao Ming (a pseudonym) on the beach at the end of the evening, two people walk slowly along the beach, and finally sat in a relatively secluded beach to watch the sea. "My girlfriend felt someone next to me and suddenly screamed, her bag was taken by a man in his hand." Xiaoming police said, when he and his girlfriend stood up with the robber on. "A man came up with his hand on my neck and pointed at me with a dagger, forcing me to hand over the money." Xiao Ming said, in the face of this situation, in order to avoid his girlfriend and hurt him and his girlfriend was forced to hand over the phone and money. Two men robbed in the money ready to leave, saw the necklace on the neck of Xiao Ming, one of the men stepped forward to drag the necklace, but also riding a small car parked on the side of the electric car. "It was so dark that I couldn’t see their faces, only two men." Xiao Ming alarm. 23 criminal suspects have been arrested after receiving the alarm, Haikou City Public Security Bureau Xiuying attaches great importance to the dispatched elite police participated in the investigation of cases. After the police analysis, found that many young couples were robbed of the case nearly three months Xiuying District, methods of crime suspects the victim described similar, relatively similar characteristics. After careful investigation by the police, and ultimately through technical means to determine the identity of one of the suspects qin. In September 3rd 12 pm, the police in an Internet cafe in Xiuying District Xiangrong road Qinmou captured. Tushen, Qinmou confessed the robbery facts together with others, and settled in the Moutao Ning. In September 3rd 22 PM, police in a car wash shop Xiuying District Yong Wan Road will be captured Moutao ning. According to the police Moutao Ning’s account, in September 6th 12 pm in a water Regent Garden District Xiuying District third suspects liaomou arrested. So far, 3 members of the gang were all arrested. After the trial, Qinmou, Nanjing Moutao, liaomou not only confessed they repeatedly in Haikou Xixiu Beach Holiday Beach, a knife robbed young lovers had also confessed to the facts of the crime, robbery cases of students in the campus and surrounding area. Nanjing Moutao Qinmou liaomou 3 money to play online games 3 man Gang robbery according to police, the robbery gang has two characteristics, one is the object of robbery is full of young lovers, two is the time of crime for the night of midnight to 3 a.m.. Two people ride electric vehicles with cross crime, first observed the implementation of theft in the dark, if the theft was discovered on a knife to intimidate robbery. The gang 3.相关的主题文章: