The woman driving tricycle collided with the car causing death calmly to the party

The woman driving tricycle collided with the car causing death to the party as the original title: two car collision caused the death of people she had to go to the Party of Yangzi Evening News (correspondent Xu Yehui reporter Han Kun peak) Suqian a woman driving a motorcycle collided with an electric tricycle, he calmly went to the hotel to attend the party because she considered the other his first hit. Motorcycle driver injured after falling dead. The evening of November 9th at 7:20 PM, together with the electric tricycle collided with a motorcycle to escape the traffic accident in Suqian Sucheng district a district south gate, the motorcycle driver injured after the hospital died. After the police investigation found that the scene in addition to damage to vehicles and parts, and not too many clues to solve the problem. Subsequently, the police retrieved the surveillance video, we can only see the tricycle collided with a motorcycle, immediately after traveling east, without any trace of. The police investigation into a hotel, the transfer of the hotel parking at the entrance of surveillance video, police found at this time, to find the perpetrators appear in the monitor screen. So the police surprise, after the accident, the perpetrators actually like meishiren the electric tricycle parked in front of the hotel, quietly into the hotel after dinner. According to the police in the hotel surveillance, Mopai to suspect dining rooms, then find the reservation, the reservation is the suspect’s relatives. 11 o’clock that night, the police arrested the perpetrators lu. According to a statement of the LV, she is preparing to go to the hotel party, unexpectedly collided with a motorcycle on the way, she thinks she is the first motorcycle hit her, nothing to do with their own, then drove away, did not expect such a serious consequence. For this case, police said, after the traffic accident, as the perpetrators should be the first time the alarm, and actively assist the rescue the injured, once the escape is wrong, so waiting for lvmou must be severely punished by law. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: