To commemorate the fifty anniversary of the death of Lao She Lao She’s minor civil and military fami unfccc

To commemorate the fifty anniversary of the death of Lao She: Lao She’s minor civil and military familiar to you? Culture and art star [] a youth in a literary master, known for works in Beijing and full of humor, enthusiasm and peace, known as the "people’s artist", he is Mr. Lao she. You might have visited his former residence in Beijing, but if you know his life in London has displaced, the residence? You know he is a literary giant, but you know he is not weak, daoqiangjianji everything to know? You know him from the book, do you want to know what other people in the eyes of Lao she? Fifty years ago today, Lao She left us, today, please follow the small series, know you do not know mr.. Lao She (February 3, 1899 – August 24, 1966), formerly known as Shu Qingchun, the word to give, the modern famous writer, outstanding language master, known as the "people’s artist". Lao She is the red flag is the Manchu people, father is a Manchu Hujun, were killed when the attack on the city of Beijing in the Allied forces. Lao She’s life bigeng diligence, creation is very abundant, the representative of "Sishitongtang", "teahouse", "camel Xiangzi" etc.. Lao She literary language is simple, humorous, chastity, with strong capital taste". In August 24, 1966, Lao She died. A thick, recalling the past time life is a rhythm, must be light and shadow, left and right, fine rain, taste contained in this change and with the twists and turns. Lao She — Lao She’s all his life for 67 years, he has spent 42 years in Beijing, the remaining 25 years in London, Qingdao, Ji’nan, Chongqing and other places to spend. He once described: "I am a pawn in the literary and art circles, between ten years practice daily on the desk and stool, pen gun, the blood spilled on the paper. Can be proud of, but I have no efforts; the general strategy of pawn hearts, but all the pawns do, I really do." No Beijing, no Beijing Residence: Beijing Dongcheng District City, Lao She Dengshikou West Street Hutong No. 19 on 1899, Lao She was born a hodgepodge house in Beijing. Some people say that Lao She was born in Beijing, grew up in Beijing, died in Beijing, he wrote a lifetime of Beijing, Lao She and Beijing can not be separated, there is no Beijing, there is no Lao she." Lao She’s childhood has been in Peiping, poor and hard in the courtyard, so he is very familiar with the underlying social public life. In many of his works, we can see the courtyard, the courtyard, alley, mansion, town, master, miss, prostitutes, poor, philistine and so on is true to life’s shadow, as a youth he has got the impression. The first time the "Lao She" under the name of London residence: London James garden 31 No. 1924, Lao She’s 25 year old school of Oriental and African Studies at University of London, has been in London for 5 years. It is in London over the past few years, Shu Qingchun for the first time to write novels and "Lao She" pseudonym began her writing career, but this time has also become an important stage in the life and career of Lao she. There is a peak of Ji’nan’s literary creation: Lixia District of Ji’nan City South Street)相关的主题文章: