Too funny! Woman stole the electric car, was arrested when she was searching the Internet to steal t-pigeon blood

Too funny! Woman steal electric car, was arrested when she was searching the Internet: stolen car how to deal with? Jiangsu women steal electric vehicles, was arrested when she was searching the Internet: stolen car how to deal with? To the end of the month, brother to want to turn out something, with the intention to purchase please contact me! In particular, welcome the attention of women of age, there are concessions oh! In order to marry a wife, male compatriots are very spell. Wuhan 30 year old tiger and his girlfriend to talk of marriage, the woman’s parents can put forward million yuan huge betrothal, tiger does not get out. So he decided to blackmail his female boss, to send out 15 anonymous threatening letter, ask for 2 million yuan. Female boss decisive alarm, tiger has been arrested by the police. A bride? Brother sympathy, put the mother-in-law despise you, hope you can quit, you also silly to do this bad things…… The mother-in-law finally found the reason you can refuse to work in just ways. This is good, the work is gone, the daughter-in-law is gone. Brother sincerely suggest that you move bricks, your IQ can not do anything else! Everybody is a decent man, don’t be a demon to commit a crime. 18, Jiangsu, Huaian, a woman home, found in the cell door of an electric car is not locked, the car was stolen. This scene was photographed under surveillance, the police quickly find the door. Dumbfounding is that the woman was arrested, still use mobile phone and Internet search "how to handle stolen electric vehicles"…… I guess Baidu is so reply: wait to be caught. The police Milo said: we help you deal with this car, as a reward, we Guanchiguanzhu, the sale of live. The thief is not terrible, afraid of thieves culture! Recently, there is a thief in Hangzhou, a mall stole a number of shops, but have not been found. The stolen stores are very surprised, how did the thief through the shop door security door? The police locked the suspect through the monitoring, the original name of the thief carrying a bucket of aluminum, he is using stainless steel barrel degaussing, stealing goods in supermarkets and shopping malls. Students, this is a junior high school physics knowledge! Since it seems to have to tell the children, see, now all the thieves in the high IQ crime, do not learn knowledge after how you when the police to catch them! Use the knowledge to the place, can let the ignorant person tremble! Island, a sister to travel to live in the hotel, when I went out and forgot to bring my favorite mask, when I came back in the evening has been found to be a cleaner aunt…… Well, it seems that the aunt is a story of the aunt, know a lot! The world does not know brother fag hag! Who will tell me, YY two men together, really so cool? There are so many traffic accidents every day, most of them are not obey the traffic rules. 21, Jiangsu Gaoyou City, a large truck for a few seconds to grab the light speed, not to have seen and the emergency brake, the head deceleration while the rear but not cut down, the car slammed into the front, a huge impact to the car to the roadside fence. Truck driver is not serious, but serious damage to vehicles. Don’t mess with me, I can’t help myself! Fortunately, all right, now know the lesson? Tell you to steal the light! After we met the people, as long as nothing, don’t noisy, handed over to the police and insurance companies. Mentality…相关的主题文章: