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Marketing The words promotional products probably remind you of trade show giveaways or free gifts distributed with your products. While this is one of the main functions of investing in promotional merchandise, another important job of these items is to create a buzz among employees. Yes, promotional merchandise acts as ideal holiday gifts or performance recognition for your employees. It will also act as an incentive for them to achieve higher goals and work harder. Recognizing with promotional products is not too heavy on your pocket. For your junior-level staff, you may buy bulk quantities of name badge holders , promotional pens, blank lanyards and more for less than one dollar. For a personalized touch, you can even add the name of each employee on these items. This will help them feel important and they will therefore be more likely to treasure your gifts. For your top-level staff members, you can give exclusive .pany branded gifts that will act as an impetus to enhance their loyalty. Lately, there are a few promotional products that are a rage among .panies. Mentioned below are the top three items that many .panies are choosing as holiday gifts for their employees. Promotional Bags This one is an evergreen gifting option. Printed promotional bags offer a host of benefits. Aside from being extremely handy, they prove to be a walking advertisement for your organization; people will proudly carry these bags around. Additionally, they will appreciate a gift that is multipurpose and can be used by anyone in their family. Cell Phone Covers Since cell phones are everywhere today, covers for them are extremely useful personalized items. Giving customized cell phone covers with your .pany logo and matching colors will be a hit amongst staff members. For employees that have excelled in their job, you may even add a festive dimension through a touch screen stylus or logo-shaped charms. Theme Apparel Logo-imprinted t-shirts or sweatshirts with a Christmas or Halloween theme are unique and are rapidly gaining popularity. Create a friendly rapport with your employees and acknowledge their dedication by presenting them with these promotional items . MARCO Promotional Products About the Author: 相关的主题文章: