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Martial-Arts Chris Pizzo is the man to turn to if youre fed up with so called experts spouting garbage in your direction. Some people just know what these self proclaimed grandmasters are saying is nonsense and not applicable to real life situations. Others believed the hype and found out that what they were taught was useless in a very painful way. Captain Chris on the other hand does not toss people rubbish advice. His Close .bat Training program has been proven to work and all his happy students will be keen to point that out. The secret to his programs success is its simplicity. There are no outlandish poses or hitting bamboo trees with your hand type steps involved. A lot of it is just good, down-to-earth advice that will save you when youre attacked on the street. There are a number of points on the body that can cause an assailant to drop like a sack of potatoes. Chris Pizzo incorporates some of these classic maneuvers in his program and adds his own moves that will .pletely shock and bamboozle your opponent. Close .bat means face to face so if a thug gets past your initial kicks to their knees you will have to .e up with a Plan B. The great thing about Chris program is that there is also a Plan C, D, E etc. While other programs see fit to give you some token advice, Chris Pizzo ensures that everyone who watches his videos will be well prepared for whatever .es at them. Most attackers think that once they get in range that the hard work is done. With Captain Chris program however, they will soon learn that they have opened themselves to a world of hurt. Hitting them in sensitive places like the nose or ears are re.mended. Not only will you badly injure them, they will also instinctively place their hands on the injured area which will leave them wide open for any one of the blows taught to you by Captain Chris. He teaches students how to finish off an attacker which is vitally important. Certain programs dont teach you how to settle the issue there and then. This will serve to make the attacker even angrier than before. If you have a wounded animal in front of you its clear that you are in grave danger. Therefore, knowing precisely how to dismantle your assailant is key to maintaining your health and safety. The techniques shown by Chris Pizzo are guaranteed to end your torment when the attacker is up close and personal. The beautiful thing is the fact that you will not have to expend useless energy doing so. The human body is most effective when fighting in short bursts so being able to do the maximum amount of damage in this short timeframe is one of the things you will learn on Chris Close .bat Training program. As long as you correctly execute what Captain Chris shows you, dealing with a street attack will be easier and quicker than you could ever have imagined. You will defeat whomever attacks you with cool, calculated precision moves which will cause you to barely break sweat. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: