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In the United States has been profitable Uber, in China, but a loss of $1 billion – Sohu science and technology, now in Beijing, the use of people at the beginning of the price of only 8 dollars, if you choose to carpool with others, the price can also become lower. When we enjoy this kind of low price, Uber is constantly giving subsidies to the market. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick recently said in an interview with Canadian media Betakit: "the loss of excellence in China is more than 1 billion dollars a year.". Travis Kalanick said, "you have a ferocious competitor in China, and we have no profit in all of the cities where they exist.". The competitor buys the market share by smashing the money, and I hope the world is not like this. After all, I prefer the component rather than the fundraising. But now the situation is that if I don’t get more money, then the best will be squeezed out by the competitors who spend money on the market. Paris, France, December 10, 2013. LeWeb Day 1. Image by Dan Taylor Heisenberg Media, it is obvious that the ferocious competition in Travis Kalanick mouth is finger drop. CEO Cheng Wei drops travel at a media event at the beginning of this year and even "have succeeded in carrying out an assignment" to describe the competition advantages and step. When Cheng Wei said: the history of China Internet Corporation have not lost, drops would have succeeded in carrying out an assignment. In 2016, the plan was expanded to 100 Chinese cities by the end of the year, compared with 400 cities in china. It is not difficult to see that with the pace of expansion in more and more cities, the competition between the two sides in 2016 should be more intense. In addition to disclosing losses in China, another big message from Travis Kalanick in this interview is that Uber has begun to make profits in the US market. This may allow Uber to have more resources to deal with the fierce competition in the Chinese market. Pictures come from: HUBSPOT

在美国已盈利的优步(Uber),在中国一年却要亏损数 10 亿美元-搜狐科技   现在,在北京使用人民优步起步价只需要 8 块钱,如果选择和别人一起拼车出行的话,这个价格还可以变得更低。当我们在享受这样的低价时,背后是 Uber 在不断给这个市场补贴。优步(Uber)CEO Travis Kalanick 最近在接受加拿大媒体 Betakit 采访时就表示:优步在中国一年的亏损额超过 10 亿美元。   Travis Kalanick 说:优步在中国面临着一个凶猛的竞争对手,在所有它们存在的城市我们都没有盈利。这个竞争对手通过砸钱的方式买进市场份额,我真希望世界不是这个样子的,毕竟我更喜欢构件一个东西而不是去筹款。可是现在的情况是,如果我不去筹来更多的钱,那么优步就会被这些花钱买市场的竞争对手挤压出去。      Paris, France, December 10, 2013. LeWeb Day 1. Image by Dan Taylor Heisenberg Media   很明显,Travis Kalanick 口中这个凶猛的竞争对手指的就是滴滴出行。滴滴出行的 CEO 程维在今年初的一次媒体活动上甚至用“不辱使命”来形容和优步之间的竞争。当时程维表示:中国互联网公司历史上没有输过,滴滴也会不辱使命。   在 2016 年,优步计划在年底前扩张到 100 中国个城市,而作为对比滴滴出行的业务范围已经覆盖了 400 个中国城市。不难看出,随着优步在越来越多的城市扩张,双方在 2016 年的竞争应该会更加激烈。   除了披露在中国的亏损情况,Travis Kalanick 在这次采访中公布的另外一个大消息就是:Uber 在美国市场已经开始盈利了。这或许能让 Uber 有更多的资源应对中国市场的激烈竞争。   图片来自:HUBSPOT相关的主题文章: