Unloading cement workers turned the thief immediately instructed the police even break two cases rainism

Unloading cement workers turned the thief immediately instructed the police even break two cases in October 19, 2016, who lives in Langao County Chengguan Town Zhu Chengguan police station rushed to report said: since the building site to store about 1000 yuan worth of 4 tons of cement is missing, please the police handle. Police quickly arrived at the scene after the alarm, through investigations and surrounding the transfer of video surveillance that October 19th morning, there is a light type freight car appeared on the scene. However, due to the incident in the night, the police can not see the license plate number, the case was arrested deadlock. The police did not give up, continue to monitor the repeated access to view, through access to two consecutive days, careful police found a van identification of this information on the windshield of the suspect vehicle, then the freight taxi for investigation, the investigation found that the freight car driver has a major suspect xiemou. After the police through the relevant information, Xiemou arrested. Upon inquiry, Xiemou account of October 19, 2016 at 2 pm, a cement worker hired the unloading Zhu Moulin weir Creek is a 4 ton cement building in front of the door and helped him away from the sale, transport costs 300 yuan. Xiemou felt deeply remorse for his behavior, and expressed willingness to assist the police arrested the theft of cement Zhu Moulin. October 28, 2016, Xiemou phone to tell the police Zhu Moulin in contact with him in the county to transport cement. Get the news, the police two forces were divided, a trailing freight car driver, the other way at the scene for Zhu Moulin at the scene will be squatting in one fell swoop, but sly Zhu Moulin day did not appear, but call Xiemou cancelled cement transport trading day. The second day the police use cement buyer tone to call Zhu Moulin, and to understand the specific location of Zhu Moulin, Zhu Moulin captured. After dozens of hours of questioning, Zhu Moulin explained: more than 2 points early in the morning of October 19, 2016, Zhu Moulin call freight car driver to Xiemou, weir Creek Zhu building, Xiemou requirements will be used Zhu building 4 tons of cement shipped, and helped him to sell, earn 300 yuan Xie transportation costs. Zhu Moulin also confessed in August 31, 2016, in the same way as the illegal facts Luo Liang Jin Ping Community of 3 tons of cement and resold the theft. At present, Zhu Moulin on suspicion of theft of administrative detention for 15 days, because Xiemou knowingly stolen goods and help the transfer, on behalf of the sales administrative detention 5 days and impose a fine of 200 yuan.相关的主题文章: