Using education as a future investment in legal

With the education for the new network method in relation to the future investment as a profound historical and cultural heritage of the European powers, France is through the merger of universities, to attract international students policies, trying to make the blue white red flag stands for a more prominent position in the layout of higher education in the world. At the same time, by setting the number of students in 2020 to reach 50 thousand goals in the China France hopes to accept French law, education by attracting more China students in France, in order to "invest" in the future of China and france. The "merger tide" intended to become bigger and stronger in Paris located in the southern suburbs of Paris Thackeray University (Université Paris-Saclay), is a worthy of the name "young" university. The University, which was founded in December 2014, has an ambitious goal to become the top ten in the world’s academic rankings, ranking first in the European continent. Set such ambitious goals, confidence comes from the foundation of the university". It is composed of two universities, 11 high school (Grande Ecole) and 7 research institutes came the merger, including the Paris Polytechnic Institute (Ecole Polytechnique), Paris (HEC Paris), the Business Skills Institute, the eleventh University of Paris (Université Paris-Sud), France’s top universities. After the merger, the university will have 60 thousand students and 10500 researchers, called the size of the giant". The establishment of the University of Paris – Thackeray, is a typical example of the merger of French universities in recent years, but also highlights the efforts of France to enhance its international status in higher education. France’s higher education institutions have been known as small and fine, many of which have reached the world’s leading level in a subdivision. However, the "small and fine" model will inevitably lead to an overall score is not dominant, which makes the French universities in the world university rankings in the visibility is not high. Baz, the six president of Paris, said in an interview with Chambaz (Jean), said: "the biggest limitation of the development of the University of France is that some schools in more than 40 years before the split. Some schools have only scientific disciplines, some only humanities, while others only law and economics." University of Paris 6 is separated from the Paris University of science. In April this year, the University of Paris 6 and Paris University (fourth separated from the humanities and the Arts College of the Sorbonne University in Paris) reached an agreement, the two schools will be merged in January 2018. This is another example of the merger of French universities. President Baz said: "in order to address the challenges of climate change and other global challenges, we need to establish a comprehensive university with a comprehensive range of disciplines. We are rebuilding the University of Paris, which will be a comprehensive university in twenty-first Century." In early May this year, Chinese Youth Daily reporter visited the youth online? 1350 acres of the new campus of Paris Thackeray University, in that.相关的主题文章: