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"Warrior" sends the ultimate notice red commando Cross Fire "warrior" Ultimate Trailer tough Cross Fire Tencent gathered entertainment news recently, directed by famous film studio director Ning Haiqiang, the famous writer Zhao Dongling, Zhao Ningyu screenwriter, Luo Lixian choreographed the war action movie "warrior" released the final notice. In 66 seconds in the battle Legion shocked the bold and crafty assembly, make people excited. The movie "warrior" by Li Dongxue, Yu Xiaowei, and so on, and so on, and so on, he, he, he, he, and so on, and so on, and so on, by the stars, and so on, and so on, by the stars, such as, and so on, and so on, and so on, by the stars of the. The film with the Red Army Long March Dadu, flying from Luding Bridge historical prototype. As a textbook for having heard it many times of historical stories, "flying from Luding Bridge" is the common memory of several generations, the reproduction of the big screen, attracted audiences of all ages concern, netizens said for the whole family to watch. The movie "warrior" will be held October 14th National release, will let the audience feel that thrilling history. "Warrior" Ultimate Trailer blood Cross Fire movie tough rally "warrior" officially released the final notice, just 66 seconds notice is exciting: the majestic mountains, the warriors to raid in the long march on the road. Li Dongxue, Yu Xiaowei, Nie Yuan, Song Jialun four warriors first appeared, with a deafening cannon, the fourth group received mountains broken road, day and night captured Luding Bridge great mission, a hail of bullets, all warriors stunt guerrilla, the shuttle in the jungle impressions. Li Dongxue played a long yellow group "forward", the chain in Luding Bridge finally revealed. The torrent, a few pieces of iron across the strait. The enemy to fire, the warriors side crawl, while blood sniper, heroic death arise spontaneously. The bloody brothers side by side, forward, many viewers watching the ultimate trailer, have said that to better understand the hardships and fighting the soldiers of the year, due to the movie "warrior": "looking for the ideal one after another, the common fight together, happy!" "To be able to reproduce the Luding Bridge on the big screen to capture the moon, as if the memory of childhood textbooks also live with it," the scene grew! Fighting fun! Or the Chinese people’s own story, look forward to "warrior" for a long time, in October 14th the whole family intends to see three generations!" The Red Raiders from touching the red memory bold and crafty "Warriors" the ultimate Trailer piece to see the warriors full debut, to show an intense emotion is different, as if in bear face the cruelty of war. Li Dongxue’s yellow head, blue eyes revealed a strong; Yu Xiaowei as bloody battlefield warriors, Liao Daqiang glared at the front, to a showdown with the enemy; and as Tian Shengcai Xu Honghao is the decisive command gunner fired crack gunner. In this group of warriors fought under the will is what a heroic war, all the fans are to be suspense before October 14th to the theater. Director Ning Haiqiang said: "I hope that through this film, let more people understand to this decision Chinese the fate of blood battle, it witnessed our history, but also showed the China prowess and fearlessness." To fight for an important war,.相关的主题文章: