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Health There are two .monly used scales, known as .a rating scales, which are used in adult neurological rehabilitation to rate a persons responsiveness when they have just experienced a neurologic injury. One is the Glasgow .a Scale, and the other is the Rancho Los Amigos Cognitive Scale. These scales allow the doctors to assess whether a person is currently in a .a and figure out which treatment would be best. In addition, they create an objective scale that allows doctors to .pare notes on how well patients are doing without worry that they define .a differently. The Glasgow .a Scale is used by first aid, emergency medical services, and doctors to help medical and trauma patients. It is also used in hospitals to monitor patients in .as in intensive care. It assesses the level of consciousness after a head injury. The patient receives a score between 3 (deep unconsciousness) and 15 (fully awake person). Under 8 is a sign the patient is in a .a. The .a rating scale grades patients on three factors: responsiveness of eyes, verbal abilities, and motor skills. A patient with a perfect score can converse normally, open eyes spontaneously, and obey instructions. A patient with a 3 cant open their eyes and makes no sounds or movements. A person with an intermediate score may open their eyes only in response to a voice, utter inappropriate words, and cringe in certain typical ways in response to pain. The Rancho Los Amigos Cognitive Scale, also known as the Rancho Los Amigos Levels of Cognitive Functioning Scale, the Rancho Scale, or the LOCF, assesses patients after a closed brain injury or a traumatic brain injury after they emerge from a .a. It is used in a variety of clinical neurological programs. A patient receives a score from 1 to 8. A person with an 8 will realize and .pensate for their problems, although they will still learn things at a slower rate and need guidance in making decisions, particularly in emergency situations in which they may be overwhelmed. A person with a 4 is confused and frightened, doesnt understand whats going on, and often expresses their confusion or fear through abusive behavior. A person with a 1 does not respond to sounds, sight, touch or movement. Understanding the Glasgow and Rancho scales is very important if one wants to understand neurologic rehabilitation. The Glasgow and Rancho scales allow one to quantify how far along a patient is in their neurologic rehabilitation and to understand which behaviors are an ordinary part of recovery and which may be the sign of something more serious. In order to help your loved one through the process of neurologic rehabilitation and .municate with doctors, knowledge of the Glasgow and Rancho scales is vital. For more information, visit the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation online. FINR is a Florida rehabilitation center that offers clinically sound, high-quality, cost-effective support for those living with brain injuries. All programs are staffed by professionals –often multilingual and always trained in relevant therapeutic disciplines — who work in cohesive teams. They also offer family support services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: