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Benefits of learning the keyboard as a child: Children are generally more confident in their lessons than adults as they have none of the baggage that accumulates after years of schooling and working As a result, they tend to take quicker to learning the keyboard as there is nothing to hold them back. Children will generally have more time than adults to attend lessons and practice. Perhaps they will even have the opportunity to take music lessons at school! Learning the keyboard is a great first instrument for a child to master as it will lay the groundwork for musical and performance skills that they may be able to use later in life. Children tend to do better in examinations than adults due to youthful confidence and a sparklingly good memory. This should mean that they dont feel too pressurized by grade exams and pass with flying colors! Benefits of taking keyboard lessons as an adult: Adults will be more mature than children and should take their lessons and practice more seriously There will be no parent pressurizing them into taking lessons but rather they just want to learn of their own accord. Adults will have already participated in music lessons at school and potentially even have prior experience with the keyboard which will help them learn new techniques and skills. As an adult, you will be able to have much more of a hand in the content of your lessons and the general direction in which you would like your learning to go A two-handed relationship with your teacher will certainly help you make the most of your keyboard playing. Adults will generally have a much more sophisticated taste in music and so will probably have a much more rounded view of the keyboard as an instrument. Benefits of learning the keyboard at any age: If you enjoy playing and are willing to put in the time and effort into your lessons and practice, you can be sure to become a great keyboard player whatever your age. Playing the keyboard will not only increase your musical knowledge and confidence in performance but will also increase your happiness levels, according to various surveys. Different ages bring different skills and perspectives to keyboard lessons and it should be noted that there is never a wrong time to learn. You certainly shouldnt be put off if you think youre too old, nor daunted if youre younger. Regardless of your age, if youre ready and willing to work hard and commit to practice, youll make the most of your lessons and are sure to see some great results in your playing. 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