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Real-Estate The last 10 years has witnessed a drastic change in the real estate segment. In terms of both, buyers and sellers, the market has be.e incredulously huge and also highly .petitive. There has been a foray in to specialised sectors today such as IT parks, SEZ, Hospitality etc apart from .mercial, residential or retail. Even the social infrastructure and quality of lifestyle are increasing by the day. Popular Institutes such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the Indian Urban Land Institute rank India as the best place for realty investment in Asia. In the metro cities such as Mumbai, there is lot of land shortage. Hence, the demand supply mismatch is causing the land prices to soar above the sky. This is causing the extension of metro cities to tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Also, the concept of redeveopment of existing buildings and integrated townships is catching rapid pace. Many clients, who wish to invest or occupy Real Estate and Infrastructure projects, have been offered variety of attractive options. One of the groups is the Vibgyor Group which aims to genuinely amplify, elevate and to beautify peoples lifestyles in the society, with the aid of practical and careworn development plans which brace inspired living. One of their goals being to bring about an assessable chance in the peoples standard of living. Pratik Jain, one of the Directors at Vibgyor, has assisted in creating many landmarks that have made a quantitative difference in uplifting the living standards of peoples. According to figures from industry experts, Mumbai today has an estimated 200+ premium properties (with a price tag of Rs.3,00,00,000 and above) on sale at any given point of time. Nevertheless, it is in these very same societies where world class facilities such as total climate control, inter. facilities, advanced security measures, recreational facilities such as fitness centres, heated swimming pools etc are availed. Nancy Mehta, from Silver group, who is also a director at Vibgyor, says The .petitiveness in the industry is promoting finer offerings and value to the customers. Also, the technology today is getting more advanced and open by each day assisting to a better and holistic social development. It is estimated that in 2011 and 2012, around Rs. 2,000 crore will be invested in redevelopment. The Maharashtra state government wishes to replace many of the citys old dilapidated buildings. It is a win win situation for the society, developer as well as the governemt. It is here where builders are benefited as they get more Floor Space Index or FSI which means, additional construction rights as an incentive to undertake these projects and at the same time the residents get more space in the redeveloped buildings. According to AV Realty Corp, a real estate consulting firm, as of today there are more than a hundred redevelopment projects already in progress with plans being readied for at least 220 till FY 2011. Property in areas like Lower Parel or Lalbaug, which were costed at a mere Rs.3,500 per sq.ft in the year 2000, have gone up to more than fivefold at Rs.22,000 per sq.ft. For premium locations in South and Central Mumbai, there is currently a land area of around 100 acres that is expected to be developed or redeveloped in the .ing years. In an industry chock-a-block with property developers, what makes VIBGYOR GROUP stand apart is the total identification with their customers. Some may call it the Stockholm syndrome. For them, it goes far deep as it can get. It means knowing exactly what their customers want and would want. Listening carefully to their needs and then walking that extra mile to meet them. This is clearly evident in the kind of properties they select and the properties they redevelop. In today’s scenario, it is highly critcial to choose a developer with better credibilty and trust than simply over the .mercial terms. Since, the gestation period is high; a realistic and strong .mitment has a value far above the other parameters. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: