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"Who is your dish" II Xiao Shenyang cooking show the first cooking dishes won the praise of Sohu   entertainment; Xiao Shenyang cooking show the first Sohu entertainment news in last week’s broadcast of Anhui TV big star sports life show "delicacy who is your dish" in the second season, the entertainment model couple Xiao Shenyang and Shen Chunyang came on the show, Shen Chunyang the scene with Liu Xuan husband Wang Tao of culinary competition, finally is housekeeping Shen Chunyang wins, and in this week’s show, Xiao Shenyang’s performance is more exciting. Xiao Shenyang’s first variety show "kitchen cooking residue" works shocked the audience in last week’s "food II", we only see the art of Shen Chunyang, a bowl of noodles let all people gobble down. In this program, the Shen Chunyang islands, it is ten not touch Yangchun water Xiao Shenyang in this episode dedicated his "kitchen residue" debut, whether follow up a victory with hot pursuit? On the comedy show, the audience amused, Xiao Shenyang nature be nothing difficult. And to say cooking, even his wife Shen Chunyang said that if it is not the recording program, it is difficult to see the basic kitchen Xiao Shenyang. In the kitchen, Xiao Shenyang gave the people a thunderbolt, side to thaw the chicken, while directing host Li Xiang to peel the potatoes, just like a command Kitchen Master fan. When the chicken slaughter, Shang Wenjie is possessed, waving a knife to let everyone quickly away, for fear of being spattered with blood. Of course, in line with the principle of doing something assistant chef Xiao Shenyang, side of the burning oil while commanding the "Li Xiang two kitchen" cut onions, cooking oil is super capricious, not boil the chicken directly under the pot, aniseed forgot to put also strong calm statement "every place the order of fried chicken is a kind of" Liu Xuan, Shen Chunyang, watching the Xuan et al are full of black forehead. When the host asked more than sound "Shenyang brother you have done this dish", Xiao Shenyang is confident answer "no yes", it is used the force to dish fry it? Although the cooking process is very mysterious, but the final works shocked the audience, the audience won unanimous praise, even the arowana chefs are given a high rating. In fact, the "kitchen residue" Xiao Shenyang has mastered the trick is "Luandun northeast cooking pot". Liu Xuan van Duojiaoyutou as an understanding wife and loving mother very amazing and Xiao Shenyang and positive PK player – Liu Xuan is as an understanding wife and loving mother. Often cook Liu Xuan in a very professional position, easy to complete a Duojiaoyutou, not only Xiao Shenyang and composure in stark contrast, the taste is very stunning, not only the evaluation Li Xiang given in the program had one of the most delicious dishes, arowana chefs are also given a high evaluation color, flavor and taste. Of course, in this period of "food II", still only cooking PK winners, can taste from the Kitchen God personally cooking delicacy, what is more Duojiaoyutou won the favor, or stewed chicken and mushroom better? Please time to watch tonight 21:10 Anhui satellite TV, "who is your dish" second season and you Be There Or Be Square!相关的主题文章: