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Who said the warriors don’t support frame? Green Adu led two people to create mobile defense support warriors defense sina sports news Beijing standard time on November 23rd, according to the "San Jose Mercury News" reported, along with the warriors lineup has undergone great changes in the summer, the outside world has been in doubt their ability to support frame. But from the beginning of the season, the warriors are using practical action to dispel the doubts of the outside world. Especially in the last few games, the warriors have done a good job in the box. "Now, our caps are from different players." Warriors coach Steve – Cole said, "we had blocks mainly from boggarts and AI zeli. But now our caps are from KD, de Raymond and Andre (). Our strikers have arms and exercise capacity advantages, so they can perform many blocks." As Cole said, although the warriors lost boggarts and Ai Zeli the two great defensive center in the summer, and replace the patchogue Faria their exercise capacity and protecting frame capacity is obviously insufficient (14 games of the season, patchogue Faria only 3 blocks away), but with Green and Durant striker, the warriors the team can work in different ways to complete the supporting frame. Yesterday, the warriors away win over the Pacers, they sent a total of 10 caps, the warriors of the season averaging cap number reached 6.1, tied for fourth in the league, this figure was essentially flat in the last season and the warriors. Durant as a top scorer, his defense is often overlooked by the outside world. In fact, Durant was able to protect the basket in his own way. In the first 14 games of the season, Durant has blocked shots in the last 13 games, sending out a total of 18 caps, the top of the league’s top 20. You know, Durant was the top position of Harrison – Barnes, he had only 10 blocks last season. "(Durant’s defensive performance) doesn’t surprise me." Cole said, "last season’s Western Conference finals in the 7 games, we pay close attention to his performance. He did a great job on the defensive end. When he was at the defensive end of the investment, he is a top defender, and give us a lot of trouble." But Durant was not the champion of the warriors, and Green was. In recent times, Green has publicly said he will work hard for the best defensive player of the season. Yesterday with the Pacers, Green repeatedly will cover off the Pacers starting guard Teague’s layup. Because Green is only 6 feet tall and 7 inches, so people rarely see him as the guardian of the basket. But so far this season, Green has sent 24 blocks, the League of the seventh, his field is a maximum of 1.7 blocks of personal career. "His performance was phenomenal." Cole commented on the performance of Green, "he is in good shape. His promises are fulfilled this summer." Of course, blocking the data does not fully reflect the ability of a team’s frame. Although the sample is small, but in the past 4 away victory, the warriors to the opponent’s basket shot.相关的主题文章: