Xindu forest peacock City 360 days horizon forest ecological livable model ca1835

Xindu forest peacock City 360 days horizon forest ecological livable model since ancient times, "the forests living" represents the highest ideal of living, the emperor helmet aristocratic manor courtyard, often choose seclusion in the mountains and beautiful place. Now, in the neighborhood of courtyard forest become more livable model! In this city of Beijing, every concrete coerced, let us for the green ecological already reach the ultimate desire. Land resources are increasingly strained, but only to make the dream of Taoyuan Sheng habitat become extravagant hopes. Today, in the forest of Yongqing Xindu peacock city (real estate information) let life and nature encounter, prosperity and ecological consonance. In the land of big seven ring, reserved for you a very rare forest ecosystem. The Green Acres creating the best living environment, the ecological city is the ultimate collection, Beijing 21 million people offer coveted luxury breath! Yongqing, a natural ecological city. Rich in forest resources, forest land area of up to 510 thousand acres, the forest coverage rate of 43%, ranking first in the North China plain. With the North China Plain largest acres of artificial forest, was named National Model Green County, known as the Beijing Tianjin corridor "green pearl", "Tianranyangba" reputation, negative oxygen ion content is 10 times that of Beijing city. Is worthy of the name of Beijing ecological city! The project site in Yongqing, directly undertake ecological good, enjoy a comfortable embrace Mu Lin. Fenglin Wanli Qingyun, in the big seven ring, with a quiet feeling for the owners. Xindu peacock city to home forest surrounded by acres of Forest Park, Chang ran fresh oxygen breathing. The project is adjacent to the Hongkong Khodorkovsky Group invested 1 billion to build the acres of Forest Park, a total area of 9500 acres, after the National Olympic Forest Park covers an area of 13000 acres, equivalent to 1.8 times the area of Chaoyang park! The park has 2500 acres of ecological forest, the negative oxygen ion content is 15-20 times the area, area of air quality on the surrounding 5 km to 7 km to the purifying function, is worthy of the name of the city green lung! The project is more Cao Cao, Han village, do not cover the three major forest plantations, the formation of nearly 50 thousand acres of artificial forest coverage, new forest resources unique. Yang Jia Ying Xian Zhuang two, green organic ecological tourism base, pollution-free green vegetable planting area reached 320 thousand acres, ensure daily fresh organic fruits and vegetables into the table. You may return to a countryside in the world, make a pitch, contented yourself farmers. Structure of forest, green hill and Linhai, listen to birds, sniff the smell of fresh oxygen. As the unbounded, infinite mountain Tomizo arias, seasons beauty! Project shuttle in the ecological beauty and bustling neon, Beijing Taiwan high-speed 40 km double lane no congestion directly to the city of Victoria, the freedom to switch the city and life. The forest Xindu peacock City buy 200 Ping Ping forest enjoy 400 house, more a house, a car high extra, a courtyard, enjoy the thousand wonderful sales hotline 400-819-1111 610910.相关的主题文章: