Yunnan Cangyuan cracked smuggling drug trafficking cases and seized 12.3 kilograms of methamphetamin-norton disk doctor

Yunnan Cangyuan uncovered smuggling trafficking in narcotics seized 12.3 kilograms of methamphetamine – Beijing, Beijing, Kunming, April 21, (Yang Jing) 21 reporters from Lincang City Public Security Bureau was informed that, recently, Cangyuan County Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade uncovered smuggling and trafficking in narcotics, drugs seized 12300 grams of methamphetamine. April 18, 2015 14 am, Cangyuan County Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade received an anonymous report from the masses: a man surnamed Luo for a batch of methamphetamine drugs transported into the territory of China to sell, quantity of 10 kg or more, please pay attention to your investigation. After this case, the drug control brigade immediately set up a case investigation team to verify the situation. In April 19th, police checkpoint 2 kilometers from the Yonghe Road Cang Geng ambush inspection, arrested on suspicion of smuggling and drug trafficking suspects Luo, Zhou Mouyi, seized on the spot with a white woven bag with black bag with drug methamphetamine suspicious objects a layer of a bag, after weighing, drug methamphetamine seized suspicious objects weight of 12300 grams. At present, Luo strong has been detained by public security organs, Zhou mouyi handled separately, the case for further process. (end)

云南沧源破获走私贩卖毒品案 缴获冰毒12.3公斤-中新网   中新网昆明4月21日电(杨晶)记者21日从临沧市公安局获悉,近日,沧源县公安局禁毒大队破获一起走私贩卖毒品案,缴获毒品冰毒12300克。   2015年4月18日14时许,沧源县公安局禁毒大队接匿名群众举报称:有一名罗姓男子伺机将一批毒品冰毒运入我国境内进行贩卖,数量在10公斤以上,请你们注意调查。接此情况后,禁毒大队立即成立案件侦办小组,对该情况进行核实调查。   4月19日,民警在距永和检查站2公里处的耿沧公路设伏检查时,抓获了涉嫌走私贩卖毒品的嫌疑人罗某强、周某义,当场缴获用白色编织袋包装,内用黑色布袋加装一层的毒品冰毒可疑物一袋,经称量,查获的毒品冰毒可疑物重为12300克。   目前,罗某强已被公安机关刑事拘留,周某义另案处理,案件在进一步办理过程中。(完)相关的主题文章: