Zhenjiang a man smashed the door at midnight howl cited neighbors alarm stellarium

A man in Zhenjiang at midnight zamen howling neighbors alarm Modern Express News cited (correspondent reporter Lin Qingzhi summer) "police station quickly look at it, the following people could be killed, there are people in zamen, we do not know how to do." On November 17th at 8:40 in the evening, Jurong Maoshan scenic area police station received such a call, police immediately out of the police to the scene. Unexpectedly, the truth is to let everyone know. Zhenjiang police Modern Express reporter, 17, 8:30 in the evening, who lives in Jurong Maoshan scenic area of new homes Mr. Zhou, ready to go to bed, then, he suddenly heard a burst of intense near zamen sound, about 5 minutes later, I heard a man’s howling sound. Is there a fight? Mr. Zhou at home to the moment, only to hear a man uncomfortable "howl", but did not hear the sound of fighting. "Is it over, people are dying?" Mr. Zhou quickly dialed the alarm call. After police arrived at the scene found a woman holding a twenty eight year old, covered with the alcohol, such as mud was the same man, the man kept a bad voice. Police with the man to be sent to Maoshan hospital for treatment. It turned out that the man surnamed Cheng, that night, he and 2 friends together to drink, has been drinking to around 8 in the evening. After drinking, two friends sent him home, because he had no one at home, and the two friends went home. Mr. Cheng a person can’t get into the house, the kick after he couldn’t control himself, with their feet mengchuai their door, no one will get paralyzed due to lying on the ground, because he suffered, "howl loudly". Later, Mr. Cheng’s mother just went home, then he hugged. Currently, Mr. Cheng after a night of treatment, has been out of danger.相关的主题文章: